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  1. Solitary blossom in the spoiled land. Let 's hear the truth. The scream will never come out. The honest love will accompany the lonely walk. Forever. It could be enough a gentle kiss. It could be enough a couple of hours in a marvellous dress. If only it might happen again. If only the desire will touch my arm, again. This is the untold mistery sometimes, of a mysterious woman. Solitary blossom in the spoiled land will bever be cruel. Solitary blossom in the spoiled land will never be cruel.
  2. It becomes bigger and bigger and bigger my wish to hear a song, a new song that inspires my day. I would like to sing a song that could be a tune in a blue shade of a room or that could be heard in a tone of a voice. Around. Being smart, being splendid, being shining, being plauded, being yourself, being amazed, being ashamed, being involved. Where is the sound? Where is that sound? Where is the music that makes me feel all right? All right.
  3. I just put a brake into my heart, to listen to the true word, told by anyone who wants to be involved in something greater than the self of today. I just put a brake into my heart, to be compassionate from the deep inside and to enjoy a wish of joy in the moltitude. Love is a free choice, love comes from the high, love is not ignored by anyone. So, dancing dancing dancing dancing , with no shame. The party is in the adapted place. The word of order is to be together and for someone the lane has already been traced, for somebody is the start of the fight. Dancing dancing dancing dancing, no thought in mind. It is an ancient custom, it is not an exercise of the tongue. It is the speech of all the body. So, dancing dancing dancing dancing, with no shame.
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