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    Fine Art, Film. Linear, In Control, Lost in translation, Muscle Shoals, Photography, Projection Mapping, Arduino
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    Songs of Innocence (disc 2)
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    The Blackout (ok not an official single but I was at the recording of the video!!!!)
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    20th July 2009 Amsterdam 360tour
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    Belfast 2 SOE tour 2018
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    Brussels 2017 The Joshua Tree tour
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    Led Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles, Tina Turner, The national, Arcade Fire

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    O la la Madrid You are hot! The weather is hot! The people are hot! The band and the audience are extremely hot! I dont speak Spanish but boy can I feel the Spanish rhythm tonight... From the moment we started jumping we never stopped! People dancing, people singing so passionately, Everybody is taking us higher tonight! Bono asking the audience for the Spanish word for a mullet, which we still dont know hahah The visuals on the screen are amazing!!! That Hold me Thrill me Kiss me animation wow Wow Wow I am in love! I’m blown away by the new version of New Years Day! its something I would like to hear every day, that bass goes through your body no matter where you are in the venue! Yes! We! you! All! looked so beautiful tonight! Lets do it all again for the second night Muchas Muchas Much Gracias Madrid Jennifer
  1. Try using this: http://www.u2.com/news/title/2018-subscription-renewals-now-open/news/ There is a link at the end of the text, that worked for me...
  2. I had the same problem earlier... try using this link: http://www.u2.com/news/title/2018-subscription-renewals-now-open/news/ That worked for me...
  3. How did you renew without the renewal button? Or am I missing something ?
  4. maybe who knows, but I definitely know I used my presale codes for the Joshua Tree tour so I shouldn't be eligible for this presale at all...
  5. Yes so annoying! because the day the tour got announced it said on my account page that I had to renew as well, I waited because it was so busy on the website... but now it completely disappeared from my Accountinfo page... dont know what to do either, it is all so unclear...
  6. I wanted to renew my subscription, just to be sure because it expires 31st of Januari in 2018. But it already says Im verified and im in the eXPERIENCE group without renewing...
  7. 41 245 congrats padawan!!!! Just got out of bed, going to see some art to today ? two of my friends won a big prize with their graduation work and super proud of them
  8. 41, 211 good morning... on my way to college... long day ahead...
  9. 41 200 I'm sorry was incredibly busy with studying tho Good to hear that! Maybe I try it again in the future when I have a little bit more time on my hands
  10. deciding if I should do a phd in fine art right after I graduate this year, or focus more on being an artist in residencies and do the phd later in life...:blink:

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    2. jaimearodriguez



      do it later. More schooling is different than more education. Some real life in between will be helpful down the line.

    3. Shannon387


      If you are seeking to be an artist I'd go do that. A degree will only get you so far. With an arts degree, unless you want to go work for a museum or something, is really only a check mark on a job application. Real life experience via internships or jobs will get you further. Just my "two cents." I think you'd find most companies will only really care about your artwork. Best of luck! :) 

    4. jenmusic


      Sorry for the late response, @jaimearodriguez and @Shannon387 but thank you for the replies! I recently decided to go for my artwork and maybe a phd later... At the moment I'm doing research for my final projects... fingers crossed :D

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