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    Edge, simple but effective.lol - like me.
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    list is endless - broad taste.

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  1. I love this. I don't know if it relates to any enhancement programme on you tube, but just re-discovered it yesterday. 2005 on a UK Saturday morning show. Great performance - as is 'Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own' from the same show on you tube. This is 'Miracle Drug.' (45) U2 - Miracle Drug (Live) - YouTube
  2. I think at least the lads (bono & edge) showed on RTE last week that they've 'still got it! - whatever it is!' to quote Bono. Yeah, can't see anything live outdoors or indoors, and quite what they've collaboratively been up to over the past year is anyone's guess. Let's go for the hope of a little 'EP' - half a dozen little nuggets to keep us all sane!?😃
  3. Think I registered around 2003/4 maybe? Time flies - but I cant thank you enough for helping an Irish guy, living in Ireland, get tickets for shows in Ireland! I missed out on Slane due to being 'off the mark' in a digitised world - too busy changing nappies n stuff like that - swore I would never again miss a U2 gig here ever again. Thankfully, I've seen them not only on this island north and south, but on other continents too! Thanks U2.COM!
  4. Oh, that's a stunning gift for 2021 - that was the band at their purest & best in the modern day world of technology. To anyone that was there - you have a lifetime memory to cherish. Happy New Year.
  5. Yey, I'm back....never ever ever walkaway, walkway , walkaway. BOY is simply one of the best debut albums ever constructed. The beauty is , that there was not much 'construct' required. The talent of it's time was just there - and they made f*ckin tunes!!!!!!!
  6. Top notch quality and performance - I've had mine for a 2 or 3 months now. Nice one to add to the collectables.
  7. One Step Closer. I love the way this HTDAAB track is overlayed over the '84 footage of recordings at Slane for UF.
  8. I so much prefer the original album track and this little video. I'm possibly the only U2 fan in the world that didn't like what they did with this track on 360. Anyhow, it's a track worthy of repeat!
  9. This is the one gig that in my head I was going to be at. Unfortunately my wife slapped me hard across the face shouting we can't do Ireland to Australia and back again IN A WEEK. I was , and still am convinced we could have done with that non stop flight from London. Alas. 😀 Have a good one. I will be listening in from 'the other side of the world' eating eggs n bacon, and always thinking (in my head) that I'd a great plan.
  10. Loving the track. Nice one, great sentiment.
  11. Arrived today, Northern Ireland. Love the package & great pics. Great too,when something features tracks from shows you were at. In my case, MSG in NYC 2015 & Belfast 2018. Makes it all a little bit more special.
  12. Aah, missed the show this morning. Loving the tribute to MH. INXS a great band in their day. Nice one.
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