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  1. One of my favorite U2 stories was for this tour. I got tickets for the Staples center on Nov. 1st, 14th row behind the stage. Was a bit bummed to be looking at their backs the whole show... but, hey, we're in the building right? Turns out the first 13 rows behind the stage were collapsed to make way for the stage, making row 14 actually row 1. Then Bono spent half the show singing to Larry because his birthday was the day before. Absolutely amazing. Here's one of the many pictures I took, makes me wish digital cameras were better back then!
  2. I've always loved the uniforms here, so cool. It's so great that Larry's doesn't have sleeves!
  3. Until the End of the World is my favorite U2 song, it has always pulled at my heartstrings, ripping every conceivable emotion from my soul. I smile, I weep, and I dance every time I hear it. This version, imho, is the definitive version.
  4. It's part of the excitement of every tour, to see how they're going to perform songs you've known for so long as well as the new material. They've really avoided being the human jukeboxes that Larry feared!
  5. Can't believe I forgot, also love the 360 version. I'll never cease to be amazed how they can reinvent their work!
  6. I have a hard time deciding if I like this version of the Fly the best or the Elevation tour version.
  7. I'm sure that's the case, but it's probably going to be fixed at some random time of the day, with no notice. I'd rather they rescheduled the pre-sales at this point.
  8. The real issue here is that these appear to be the same problems seen with Ticketmaster for every tour since the beginning of online ordering. They may know about it, but they obviously don't care. What we, the fans, would like to see is a band like U2 demand better service for their fans from Ticketmaster.
  9. U2 would not be the U2 we know and love without the great work of McGuinness. Sad to see him step away.
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