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  1. Hmmm...beautiful things. My husband survived a massive heart attack, spend days in ICU then the heart unit. Only time I have ever driven that fast was on 9/11. If I had waited for paramedics he would be dead. So that is a beautiful thing. I am spending 5 days/nights a week with my only granddaughter. She practically lives at my house now. LOVE IT! That's beautiful. Looking for the good under this flaming dumpster of TRASH. Oh and live music will be returning to our stages at the end of January here! THANK GOD because my husband hasn't worked at his job since March 13th 2020 and he is cleared to work again! Oh and everyone in my family SURVIVED except my cousin in Saint Augustine.
  2. Happy Birthday Brat! LOL..60!!! Wow, first time I saw you was War at Orlando, Florida and you were a baby only 23..You had a GREAT LIFE...Good job and blessings for many more birthdays!! Enjoy your family time., Hugs and Love from the Space Coast on the beach in Florida.
  3. I have to go Christmas shopping! Stoked U2 got to India. Alright everyone, have a blessed Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah. For those not celebrating anything--Happy Holidays! See ya next year!
  4. I assume its the new Satellite Radio Station on XM! That is what I got from it. Space X is on the pad here to launch at noon--when I saw U2 X Radio--that is what we picked up here on the Space Coast LOL!!! I always related Elevation to surfing, perfect surf song for Aerial Surfing so our little tiny spot on this big world-that is sending it's 1st FEMALE SURFER into the OLYMPICS IN TOKYO, JAPAN 2020 is from my tiny town of Melbourne Beach in Florida-we await to see if Kelly Slater will take the 2nd coveted spot for the Mens USA Team this week-it would be great if Brevard County, Florida sends TWO of the best surfers in the world to the Olympics! It's been a long time dream of ours to get surfing in the Olympics. WE DID IT! I think it's GREAT that U2 will have their OWN Satellite Station! Those Boys from Dublin go hand in hand with surfing They just didn't know it til now LOL!!!
  5. That was EPIC!!!! They should NOT have cut the feed after Elevation! It was spot on! Facebook even handled it without it locking up! GOOD JOB U2 TEAM!!! Thank you!
  6. Wow! Good Morning from the Space Coast! It's Space X launch day here and X marks the spot for U2 LOL!!! Waiting for their live feed to come in on Facebook. Hope it's a beautiful for everyone!!!
  7. I am just way too tired...the flu is going around here and I go my flu shot, first Time in my LIFE. 4 days into I have felt like crud so I am thinking I may have been to late in getting it. We are the last to get the flu in Florida but I cant keep my eyes open and the music is dreamy and putting me to sleep. Kids always went to bed to it. My sons song was SLEEP TONIGHT. MLK, he would sing it after his prayers. LONG BEFORE IT WAS POPULAR, BACK IN 88. Then it was The Unforgettable Fire that the kids would ask for before bedtime after stories. So, I am remembering listening to the record player and the old songs, I am drifting off to sleep. GOOD NIGHT TO ALL OF YOU The sun is up, temps in 80;s today and I just want to be in bed. TMI, great show, just need my bed. I am not sleeping, but that is U2's song and I am falling asleep typing. BLESSINGS FOR AN AMAZING SHOW. This grandmother needs rest to have the baby this afternoon. Thanks for the linkup and Lord willing I am just tired and not a flu bug. PRAYERS NOT ONLY FOR AMERICA, OR FIREFIGHTERS, PRAYERS FOR ALL THAT HAVE TO WORK TO KEEP OUR WORLD SAFE.t THEY ARE THE HEROS TODAY. IN THE NAME OF LOVE---SLEEP while we can.
  8. Thanks Max for the connections!!! WIPE YOUR TEARS AWAY!!! i am so sick of it!!!!
  9. So,so,so, very sleepy. My pit bull decided i was her pillow at 4:30 am.Kicked outta a king size bed by one very big dog, a husband and a small DEVIL DOG. The upside==I can actually catch the entire U2 show from the comfort of my house. Be Blessed U2, Have a great show and super excited to be able to hear it all-mixed in with the world news LOL. SENDING LOVE TO ALL ZOOTOPIANS THIS MORNING ESPECIALLY YOU MAX! Thanks for all you do!!!
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