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  1. How about an issue of getting charged $1,000 dollars in tickets and no tickets to show for it? Is that something that can be brought to TM's attention? This was for today's general sale for the NYC shows.
  2. ceallach67 wrote: illumination70 wrote: I was wondering if any of the other famale fans here have dated/married younger men? I'm asking because the men who approach me are usually 2-5 years younger than me. My husband is 5 years younger than me. Here's my theory; Marry 'em young... raise 'em right. I like that theory The last guy that hit on me was 15 years younger than me, I don't think he suspected I was that much older...and of course I never told. It was fun but Ididn't really "go for it"...regrets, I've had a few What can I say,
  3. I thought he did ages ago...I guess I remember wrong.
  4. I was at the doctor's office not too long ago and they had a tv on and I couldn't believe that on All My Children, many of the characters that were onin the early to mid-eighties are still there!!! Tad and Opal Martin, Adam and Stuart Chandler, I thought I saw Erica Cane too...EEESH. I couldn't believe Istill remembered their names too!
  5. Please don't drop streets! That's the only oldie I'd care about. The rest of the oldies, they can do whatever they wish. As far as bringing new "old stuff"...Tomorrow, Drowning Man, Indian Summer Sky, Please, Lemon, Ultraviolet, Unforgettable Fire, If God Would Send HisAngels...are all good to bring back ; )
  6. Sending out good vibes to Dave. Get well soon!!!
  7. ...this lil guy back. But he's still in Africa eating spaghetti. *miss ya Lee*
  8. I got mine last week, just listened to it for the first time last night. It's okay, definitely some good songs but most are probably 'growers'.
  9. ventureone wrote: Hey Everyone, My girlfriend and I got inspired by "The Joshua Tree" album and just had to go find that tree. We took a road trip through Death Valley and found a lot more than what we were just looking for. One of the best trips of my life! I can't tell you how good that album sounds while driving across miles and miles of desert! You can find the tree too, if you know what you're looking for.... Watch the video here: http://twurl.nl/0b6qvb Thanks, Scott Great video Scott...I saw this posted on the su
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