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  1. Bono denied Penalty as the foul occurred outside The Edge of the Box… France look strong, England as usual overhyped.
  2. Has he ? Haven’t heard anything on the BBC about it at all. it must have been buried by investigative reporting on political scandals and contract acquisition, rioting in Northern Ireland and reporting on the influence of a few billionaire moguls on mainstream media........ don’t get me wrong I feel sorry for his wife and family and he is someone’s husband, wife father etc. but is there the need for a monarchy in a modern democracy?
  3. I just want Larry to admit that on reflection Pop is an underrated masterpiece and he misses the giant lemon.
  4. I can’t envisage any major tours being announced until the Covid Situation settles globally. Still ongoing chaos in Europe. I just hope they keep dreaming out loud as it were.
  5. Wow that means you have yourself an adult ...... my daughters first U2 gig was Vertigo 05 in Cardiff safely tucked up in my lovely wife’s tummy! she was listening too as she’s very switched on to humanitarian causes and loves U2 herself!
  6. Privileged to have seen this band a dozen or so times and shall make every effort to see them again at every upcoming tour. thanks U2 for the soundtrack to my life
  7. We’re redecorating and refurnishing our bedroom and I just smashed up an old wardrobe to out of control breaking a rubber mallet in the process! It was most satisfying!
  8. They have a landslide and are killing it in the opinion polls ATM. you make your bed. Obviously a vegetable growing pascifist as PM would have been a threat to national security........
  9. Hmmm My government has decided that it wants more nukes and less freedom today.......
  10. Close but no Cigar! It’s Hull in my Humber Opinion!
  11. If I click the heels of my red shoes together does the virtual road take me to a bonus gig in Kansas or Aus?
  12. Yes @Manohlivehe had major issues post Saved by the bell. Typecast lost and bitter it seemed. Murray Walker passing is another nail in my childhoods coffin. Loved that guy. He made F1
  13. I appear to have upset my local council for calling them out for authorising the cutting down many tens of trees in a conservation area.
  14. After months of indoor training had the chance to ‘go outside in the sunshine ‘ for a bike ride.
  15. U2 to reinvent themselves as a barbershop quartet. You heard it here first.
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