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  1. Also found this 1st tour T shirt 18/8/93 and one of the Wembley gigs
  2. they’ve extensively played AB songs on recent tours. I’ll settle for a trabant and a pack of zootv condoms.
  3. Coldplay tickets in the bag for August. I know they are a marmite thing but they are a great live band
  4. Hats off to you! My wife has worked as a frontline healthcare worker throughout the pandemic so I can only thank you for undertaking this line of work in these times.
  5. Working From Home seems to sending me a bit silly….mmmm donuts!
  6. Maybe U2 should go full angry U.K. gammon on their next record……😉
  7. Where did you find that? Under the boardwalk? definately best known in the U.K. for moonlighting at that time!
  8. It is good, no spoilers here. I’m not sure it’s as good as the 5 star reviews it’s getting but if you like Bond you’ll love it.
  9. It’s best to become more mellow as you grow older. War was written in their early twenties when the troubles were very much at their height and the threat of Cold War Nuclear Armageddon was a daily threat….. U2 albums, like love, come In all shapes and sizes as they have evolved as a band. They now write great songs like this……. I love the message behind this track. It’s one of their best.
  10. The weathers shite so I cycled to Sydney on the indoor bike! even my computer is mocking me! 😂
  11. Let’s not talk about Tottenham Hotspur! Ruining my day since 73
  12. Sorry But I’m gutted for Lando! Grew up with the Red and White and Silver Arrows of McLaren and think it’s great to see them getting back where they belong!
  13. 100 miles on the bicycle……what petrol crisis? Food is my fuel…..nom nom nom nom nom
  14. But can you play the keyboard and guitar in unison like Edge does on New Years Day?……
  15. Cool when is the borders Newest Synth pop artist launching her Solo album?
  16. What note did he sing? or was the message burnt around The errr …..Edges …. BOOM!
  17. Mmm Chrissie Hynde is so hot and she has still got it. Saw the Pretenders a couple of years ago supporting Simple Minds. They were awesome
  18. It also gave you Americans Wham and George Michael, Duran Duran etc……
  19. Much preferred MTV when it was a music channel and not filled with vacuous Khardashian types. Dire Straits are still dining out on this ditty
  20. 11 o’clock tick took …….awesome birthday gift from my brilliant daughter.
  21. England’s greatest ever striker. RIP Jimmy Greaves England and Spurs legend.
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