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  1. I appear to have upset my local council for calling them out for authorising the cutting down many tens of trees in a conservation area.
  2. After months of indoor training had the chance to ‘go outside in the sunshine ‘ for a bike ride.
  3. U2 to reinvent themselves as a barbershop quartet. You heard it here first.
  4. I just renewed.... obviously the mighty Fly won’t let a Covid 19 pandemic prevent an incoming ZooTV 30th anniversary tour......would he? ‘you didn’t come all the way out here to catch TB now did you !?’* *Dr Nick acknowledges Covid is not related in any way to tuberculosis Zoovid22 ? Zoodemic 23? Zoorona. we can but hope 🤞
  5. It is embarrassing that customer service is abysmal at the U2 Shop. the mods shouldn’t be fielding queries/ chasing orders for customers. It was better in the pre internet days. There’s no excuse now.
  6. I would also visit Milwaukee but I heard the locals were very challenging @Manohlive.....
  7. I made my teenage Daughter watch Wayne’s World....it was a most excellent social experiment!
  8. Brexit. It’s a complete shambles that is being buried in the news at the moment by the Pandemic..... ......but at least fish in U.K. waters are happy.....
  9. 24/7 is a great idea but who is going to staff them Peter. There’s no slack at all in the NHS.
  10. *Camera Obviously passing through filming for google earth/street view..... nothing to see here.....
  11. How quickly effective vaccines can be delivered with appropriate levels of funding and government support.
  12. The Sun came up, the beach was freezing and me and my hounds had a ball!
  13. I’m no massive fan of remixes when the band farms out a track to the in vogue Dance Music producer de jour but for me ..... Even Better than the real thing (perfecto mix)was the absolute peak ( many a 90s evening bopped away to that at the indie disco) Desire (Hollywood remix) is my least favourite....(I may take my subscriber gift copy out to the local clay pigeon shoot for a suitable funeral) convince me otherwise , what other great /appalling U2 remixes are out there? Take me higher....
  14. Reality check here. these are very much first world problems on the grand scheme of things. I guess The U2 business don’t ‘need’ to offer these subscription offers. But they do and in public life you’ll never please all the people all of the time!
  15. Didn’t like the Hollywood remix in ‘88 at 14yo ......didn’t like it at 45 years old either.!
  16. Can’t see any major tours being announced by anyone until the Covid Situation Improves.
  17. Scottish Sports commentator and his dogs Olive and Mabel on Twitter. @mrandrewcotter if you love dogs you’ll love his feed and videos of his dogs.
  18. Live at the Apollo you say? .....I’m guessing the setlist features stand up comedy. .........
  19. Probably something to do with the political insanity that is Brexit!
  20. Controversial opinion, but I think the Merch is dull in Live Nation era.
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