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  1. Ray Clemence Liverpool, Tottenham and England Goalkeeping Legend YNWA When the Spurs go marching in. there’s a very safe pair of hands in heaven today.
  2. ? MAGA Make Arenas General Admission? I like it!
  3. Slightly disturbing that 2 anonymous members are following this thread.... ever feel like you’re being watched? 😉
  4. Sorry for your loss @dmway....looks like she pulled off the President thing too!
  5. I could watch this all day right now.
  6. I really fear with looming Scottish independence this won’t happen. Labour governments have always been backed by the traditional Scottish labour vote which simply isn’t there anymore. Who can blame the Scots... when did Westminster last really represent them? Therefore we are dammed to years of Tory rules as most of mid and southern England will vote for anything with a blue rosette. The support for independence in Wales is growing because we are in the same boat as the Scots. It’s gonna be an interesting decade.
  7. If genuine this demonstrates how you should concede electoral defeat and be gracious to your successor. Class by George Bush Senior. We Will, We Will Rock you!
  8. I think he’s accepting defeat most graciously....... no toys out of the pram like a spoilt brat whatsoever........ 😃
  9. Crumbs.... are you not done yet with your counting?
  10. You’d never get this in the USA- I’m backing Elmo.... Count Binface a close second.
  11. @Manohlive this one is for you! Vote belly rub all day long!
  12. I You are Welcome! personally I think Britain is slightly ahead of the USA with regards to dumbass when it comes to Elections... 1)Brexit 2)Boris
  13. As we are all discovering where Wisconsin is today, here’s an interesting tourism fact.
  14. Dear USA, you appear to be struggling to choose between Joe and Donald... can we offer you a used and slightly damaged Boris as an alternative? Lots of love your old friend and former ruler, Great Britain xxx
  15. Of course it did. i remember Simon Mayo and Nicky Campbell also loving the band
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2HXwW7yy2T2tw4YqlDXvBJZ/your-ultimate-80s-album-vote
  17. I know....I’m actually a little surprised Q’s passing hasn’t been noted by the Band......yet.
  18. Q Magazine RIP so many hours spent reading this in my teens and twenties. Elvis is still alive... but we’re all dead.
  19. The 2020 subscribers gift arrived ........ hang on we’re still in the first half of the year........(just) im going to make an official complaint to Live Nation for such unheralded punctuality...... I have nothing to moan about later in the year now..... 2020 sure is a surprising year!
  20. Also Cows getting in on the act near Swansea, Wales....check out the cow with a plastic garden chair stuck on its head....moo couldn’t make it up.... https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2020-05-21/herd-of-cows-stampede-through-empty-streets-in-village-as-lockdown-continues-across-wales/
  21. Also sheep at MacDonalds in Wales queueing at the ‘drive-threwe ’...... pretty sure they don’t do any lamb burgers so our woolly friends are safe..... https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2020-04-21/flock-of-sheep-visit-empty-mcdonald-s-restaurant-during-lockdown/
  22. Bow down to your mighty Welsh Goat Overlords....#planetofthegoats #
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