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  1. Really can't see USA beating any teams in that group, But a predictable response from a celt. I'm welsh but the i'll support anyone who's playing England nonsense is one of the things that hold us back. like it or not our countries are dependent on our nasty saxon neighbour! And the whole France shambles devalues the whole tournament imo. basically FIFA are saying it's ok to cheat as long as you don't get caught- great message that for the kids.
  2. Tiger woods may suck as a husband LOL. I think you 'll find his lady friend is doing the sucking!!!
  3. tee hee your so inpatient you posted it twice!! Some way to go with your patience!! One day I hope to be able to deal with Patients- right now they just wind me up
  4. tee hee your so inpatient you posted it twice!! Some way to go with your patience!! One day I hope to be able to deal with Patients- right now they just wind me up
  5. Bundaberg Rum and lots of it. hence my endless dribbling on here tonight....burp!
  6. What do yoiu do barbara- nurse is pretty generic- I'm a GP.
  7. I ahve a job and dont do boys!
  8. It's the daily mail aka the daily "hate" mail FFS. It's a rag full of vitriol which sadly represents middle britain. Now i'm off to club some of those benefit scrounging, drug taking, illegal immigrant, single mother hoodie wearing teenagers i've just read about in the daily mail!
  9. Really ths scissor sisters version was a Huge hit in the UK, great video too- look it up on you tube! But pink floyd were indeed wrong! you do need education! Oh shit i'm drunk and going on and on! Experience has taught me that it is never helpful to shout at the nurses - even when they have made a mistake- it's unprofessional and makes you look like a wanker.
  10. ooh food and water might help too and none of that mcdonalds nonsense!
  11. No not a pink floyd fan, i think it's all a bit of a druggie band. You need cannabis to appreciate them! No point shouting at the nurses- they'll just make your life harder!! comfortably numb? i prefer the scissor sisters version!
  12. Ooh i bought some (red) coffee mugs- that is all.
  13. That it's fucking better than 2008 and in which my brother committed suicide and my sister in law died in childbirth. Shit yes, but I have a family and wife who I love and you have to stay positive.
  14. health security shelter love cant think of anything else- they are all luxuries. |I am lucky to live in the UK where these things are taken for granted.
  15. shine on you crazy diamond!
  16. Yes Bono really irritates me sometimes, but I have to reflect that it is is a REALLY positive thing that he is using his fame and status to highlight the plight of those with aids in africa and raise money for ARV drugs. Good work paul i dont care if you piss off the wankers out there. It's gotta be better than the whole " oh i'm a famous pop star woe is me i'd better get loaded on drugs and moan about how tough my life is and go into rehab" a la doherty and winehouse. Poor tortured souls wasting their talent on heroin!! so whos the tosser really- pete doherty or Bono?
  17. Yep hate golf and love mountain biking. Infact just returned from a night biking epic in the afan forest mudatastic! As damon albarn once said "stereotypes there must be more to life!" I do however know lots of docs who play golf! each to their own to wind down as long as your not harming anyone else it's cool.
  18. waste of a good walk and countryside.Not my bag at all. And i live in one of wales' golf resorts. Golf kills too http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/h..._and_central/8296098.stm clearly should be banned!
  19. simon cowell is the devil people!! TBH I feel Subo is being exploited and her later appearances on BGT showed she was probably sufferring from mental illness. I hope she makes a mint from it and is set up for life but I bet Cowells people are amaking most of the dosh.
  20. Agree too! Also Bono stop pushing politics so hard. Non fans think you are an idiot up there with war mongers like bush blair brown and obama. People think you are doing it for your own ego not for the greater good. I also think the album is dead as a concept. Most people only download tracks they like and GOYB was an awful lead single. No wonder the album has stalled. I only buy albums now of groups i AM A FAN OF- otherwise its songs only. Dont blame u2 blame the ipod!!
  21. Hi as a Doc i would say that if yoiur mum needs surgery + radiotherapy ONLY then things are looking pretty positive. > the aggressive breast cancers all need chemotherapy too. I see loads of good outcomes in breast cancer patients and I wish you and your family all the best. the picture will be clearer for ypou all post surgery Good luck.
  22. Get your zimmers ready U2 the double incontinence tour 2040! "All i need is a red pill, 3 commodes and a stairlift" Live nation bad! The t shirts were rubiish this year.
  23. No loss on my part. you lot make me laugh. question U2s integrity on this site and get flamed. I don't want to see the same show three times- i'm not that sad. Like it or not this place dies between tours most people subscribe to guarantee a ticket to the show of their choice. Many fans subscribed last year in the hope of australasian dates and are still waiting for their dates and still they have no clarification from this site regarding whether they will ever get dates. i suppose the "real fans" will be happy next year when no-one else is here. In 2005 this forum was alive and kicking, n
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