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  1. Had a great time at the show and was my 12th. Loved it when Adam was standing right in front of me during Pride. Does anyone have an audio recording of the concert or links to one? U2 torrents doesn’t have one listed yet.
  2. Noticed on Ticketmaster today that most of the Vip party package tickets for Omaha are now standard ticket price or platI’m price there are a lot of seats left for that show. I am hoping it doesn’t get cancelled
  3. Just went to ticketmaster to print off a seating chart to have in hand for the Chicago pre-sale on Tuesday. When you look up U2 on ticketmaster and it gives the list for the different cities, underneath "more info" for Chicago its states "currently not on sale" while all the other cities sold by Ticketmaster state: "presale begins Tuess 11/14/17....." Hopefully this is just a glitch that gets fixed tomorrow.


  4. Called the help line at 855-867-5297 and the gal was nice enough to check into it for me but basically told me what I would have to do is upgrade my package, ( in other words, renew my subscription). She said she could send me out a second book since I renewed and already have one that I received the year before.
  5. I renewed my subscription last November before the vinyl subscription package was announced. I did not receive another copy of the North Side book so I have only one copy of that. I have been getting the ATAP downloads. I emailed U2.com help last night and sent it twice asking if I was on the list about receiving the vinyl sice I haven't received any shipping information aside from the general emails everyone has been getting about downloads and where the vinyl is at in production/shipping. One person replied back to me that my current subscription did not include the vinyl while another pers
  6. I received an email back in April that Another time, Another Place was in the manufacturing process but have not received it yet. Has anyone received it yet? I renewed my subscription before the new package was announced and already have the North Aide book from the year before and didn't receive another.
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