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  1. lots of people seeing the poor setlist and deciding its not worth going last minuite
  2. just watched acrobat on youtube it was awful as i thought it would be as its rubbish anyway and couldnt understand the clammer for it to be played ,hold me kiss me was even worse what a terrible version.Personally looks like i am finally going to save some serious money missing the first tour since i travelled to germany on unforgetable fire tour.Had they been brilliant i would have rued selling my tickets for manchester and london but now so glad i did after suspecting it would go even further down hill than the innocence tour which was their worst ever .
  3. terrible setlist glad i had to sell my tickets now may as well just watch youtube .All that money not to hear many classic songs that are legendary in the live shows streets with or without you for instance which were high points of every show.I did suspect the setlist would be poor but no where as bad as this
  4. calling someone a hater because they think a album like no line is poor is pathetic.I virtually love every track of every album they have made up till no line, very few tracks i dislike if any.People like this would rave over a album full of fart sounds if it was u2 and obviously get upset hearing the truth that its not just their worst but a poor virtualy tuneless album.I dont rate soi either and thought the tour was the worst i have seen.Sure they sounded ok but played to many new poor songs like the no line tour and didnt like the stage set up. most of the time the band were somewhere else in the arena i was in redzone.Enjoyed the joshua tree tour much more on a more traditional stage although they didnt sound quite as good.Some peoples views are blinded by their love for the band i am far from a hater my wife thinks i am obsessed i just say it as it is their music is probably 90% of my listening live stuff mainly and the new album is ok better than no line and soi but not as good as the rest .
  5. Its all about taste i hated nloth and think its by far their worst album i dont like soi either and never listen to them but loved htdaab dont love soe yet but it may grow on me like zooropa
  6. Of course they are not serious about scalping as they do it themselves through their staff
  7. Been mentioned loads of times absolute self centred muppets whos only goal in life is posting to fb going look at me i am at a u2 concert arent i special
  8. `Its never great never has been they have stayed loyal for too long.Ihave seen loads of groups that have sounded brilliant in the same stadiums i have seen u2 in with awful pa.The buck is always passed and blame laid on the new stadiums.
  9. song count is poor for a top live band maybe bonos voice cant do it
  10. zoo station was the best song live on vertigo doesnt come across that well on recordings but when you are there its an awesome wall of noise
  11. agree with hawkmoon but think it would be a great opener also would love to hear kite as for ultraviolet it sound excellent live
  12. now asoh dropped by the looks of it
  13. Some would say ignorant selfish people blocking everyones view deserve shouting at.
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