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  1. Got a standing ticket last minute for tonight bring it on Machphisto is rising
  2. A band that have stood for so much over the years are ripping their fans off ,there has not been a single response from any of the management or the band (should i really have expected it ??) . I have been following the band on every tour since War and enough is enough unless ticket prices come down for the next tour then thats me done, Platinum Tickets are a scam rip off and if U2 are still true to their roots then they should bin Ticket Bastard /Live Nation and start treating their fans like human beings not cash cows . THE BAND NEED TO ACT
  3. The band need a reality check they stand for alot more than most groups and put their head above the parapet when it is necessary ,but on this issue of continually rising ticket prices to levels most ordinary fans can't afford and then rubbing their noses in it with Platinum Tickets they are strangely quiet. I don't want to hear from their manager i want to hear from the band ,they are big enough and ugly enough to demand promoters /ticket partners give their fans a fair deal or take it into their own hands and run it themselves ,engage with fans and above all DO THE RIGHT THING DO THE U2 THING .
  4. There is no platinum GA now but when they first started selling there was in the UK/EIR ,it really make no differance GA or Seats U2 should not be putting its name to this at best shady practice
  5. They are basically holding back premium tickets both seats and standing then when they are sold out they put these tickets back on sale label them as "Platinum" and rack up the price by 300% IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL
  6. They need to get back to sensible ticket pricing the positive PR they would get out of such a move would force other bands to reconsider their questionable ticketing practices . They should take a look at what younger bands are doing
  7. The pre sale fiasco is one thing but my main issues in the original post are these platinum tickets that didn't go on sale until after the best tickets had been sold both seating and standing . This really does call into question the integrity of the band ,to allow their ticketing partners/management to cream off the best tickets then sell them at vastily inflated prices after real fans have gone through the "mill" to try and obtain them is just WRONG on so many levels. I may be again be a little naive but if the 4 members in the band knew exactly what was going on surely they wouldn't condone this, i again call on them to DO THE RIGHT THING and sort this scam out THE BAND NEED TO ACT
  8. Platinum not regular price mate they only went on sale after all tickets sold out or were restricted
  9. Perhaps i am being naive but to me U2 have always stood for Justice and Fairness throughout their career i remember sleeping on the street for reasonably priced tickets back in the 80's (cos i am an old git ) does anyone think that selling Platinum tickets at £400 plus a pop is Just or Fair when the real fans have spent their time trying to get them in pre sales open sales retail sales etc ,only to find when they sell out Ticket Bastard put them back on sale ,if you notice also the platinum ones never came on sale until after the open sale sold out its an absolute scam
  10. Thanks my main concerns are not the pre sales but this is an interesting insight for sure comments about making sure real fans get the tickets ,how many real fans can afford Platinum GA at £300 plus
  11. You are not being a dick but have just summed up everything that is wrong with what is going on ,this band above all others in my eyes stand for something and this is being eroded away by greed and they are losing touch with the likes of me an you and many others who put them where they are today . I have put my head above the parapet so many times when Bono has been acting like a "dick" and "shouted down" anyone who would question his geniuness but what is happening on this tour is a scam Younger acts are catching the mood Ed Sheeran teamed up with a Face Value ticketing site Twickets so fans didn't get ripped off is just one example . This premium thing really grates me as they have not gone on resale sites they are actually creaming the best tickets off and vastly inflating them it should be illegal .
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