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  1. Very disappointed that they aren't using verified fan status for the European leg and that U2.com now links you to ticketmaster's rip off resale site - £137.50 + £50 commission for a £35 rear view seat!!! Come on guys you can treat your fans better than this
  2. Wouldn't recommend standing for a 10YO at Twickenham - they won't get to see very much. I'm sure via the forum you could find a swap for seats as loads of people would have tried for GA in the first instance.
  3. Heathfield School seems to be offering parking at a reasonable rate: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/twickenham-parking-at-heathfield-school-for-u2-the-joshua-tree-tour-2017-tickets-33808315582
  4. I know this isn't a new gripe by any stretch but I just tried to get more U2 tickets but failed despite clicking through (having been in the queue before 9.00) within 10 minutes of the sale opening. No tickets available at any price, including RED Zone. Then noticed Ticketmaster's own resale site already has 500 (yes, 500) tickets available for resale at between 3x and 6x the standard ticket price, including several people apparently already knowing they and their 5 friends can't go (maximum sale was 6 tickets) within seconds of buying the tickets. These sellers are CLEARLY touts so why can't somebody clamp down on them and allow real fans to buy the tickets at the standard price. Since most, if not all, of these tickets must have been bought last week that means that the resellers have managed somehow to get 6 tickets through the presale process, hmmm. Ticketmaster has already made £8.25 per ticket in fees for these tickets and then makes a further commission on their resale. This is an absolutely corrupt business, as if we didn't already know! Would appreciate a band comment on this seamy side of the business.
  5. Was I just lucky then? Used my Wires pre-sale code and got Red Zone automatically when just asked for standing GA tickets. Need to buy more tickets when the general sale goes live so wonder how we'll get more friends into RZ if they're going to be premium priced
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