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  1. NO takers? No one's going to Manila?
  2. LOL!! of course they waited a month to announce it.. Sad to say after these shows, this tour, I'm over my top 3 and U2 was #2 yet the last I gave up on... With that sad I;m sure those that make it to Mumbai will enjoy it #iloveindia
  3. Just curious as to who is going to Manila and if you have any idea/suggestions on where you're staying and how you are getting to the show as it doesn't look like there is much mass transit. Open to meeting up with others as well as doing some cost sharing on rides etc if anyone is interested
  4. Agreed with all of the above.. I'd be ok with them cutting out some of the "hits" that aren't on JT and playing some songs that haven't been played much from I&E/E&I
  5. They have some locations.. looks like a movie theater. I'll figure it out some day
  6. Done. no clue where we pick these up and now I am SURE they will add another date.
  7. Code is fine.. can't get there now site keeps erroring out
  8. LOL well that makes more sense.. #everyU2presaleEVER
  9. Yes I get that I have my presale code it's been used for 2 tickets in Sydney should be ok to buy 1 in Manila and it's saying invalid .. now page won't even load #FAIL
  10. Anyone getting this?? Have a code good for 4 tickets bought 2, saying invalid
  11. I guess I am going the same route and may just try and sell my Seoul ticket; not sure yet
  12. Still nothing.. I figure the second I decide on Manila they will add a date
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