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  1. Hi what's the parking situation over there right now? I'm coming just to pick up my wristband tonight. Should I Uber?
  2. I have 2 seated ticket that I purchased with presale for Saturday. I have GA so you must come/enter with me around noon on Saturday. Are you interested? I purchased for my kids but they are not that interested. I want to avoid "no show". So we must meet tonight to exchange info. 13-L, row10. You pay what I paid to ticket master.$173.70
  3. I went 6am and was able to find a free street parking close to the stadium in 2009. With so many activities going, not sure how it goes this time. I'm thinking Park far away and Uber or Walk 30 min.
  4. I have 2 GA and 2 Seating tickets for Rose Bowl show. I got them for my whole family. If this is 4 GA, I understand that the whole group must be present and must show credit card used to purchase but do they really check credit card for seating tickets as well? One of my family have other obligation and can't come early. Besides, they don't have to come super early like GA tickets holder. Is there any solution? If we enter together, I will be far back in GA. I wish if I could have used different card, but I used same card for 2 transaction. I appreciate any suggestion.
  5. Mine keep saying " We were unable to process your request." since it's opened. Im trying to buy Los Angeles.
  6. I tried to buy GA in Los Angles and same thing happened to me. at 9am. GA was not available. Not anything else but VIP. Now I spent so much time getting what I want, I can not buy any seats!!!!!!!
  7. I met a woman who is wearing U2 sandal (made by her friend) while I was waiting for the band outside on Saturday LA show. I hope to get in touch with her. I am a Japanese woman she met there. I appreciate if someone can re-connect us. She was using Facebook and I wanted to connect but left before do so. Thanks!
  8. Just came back! Line started moving and they actually did credit card scanning. (I think this is for fan club ticket to prevent re-sell) Things went smoothly and I got a good spot at the round circle area. (not bad for 3pm !) Thank you :-)
  9. So I'm going to the LA forum around 3pm. earliest I can go :-( This is fan club ticket and it says they do credit card scanning. When do they do that? Do I need to go to box office?
  10. Hi I can't make it to the upcoming LA show. I would like to give my GA ticket to a friend of mine. Can I just print it out and give it to her? If I remember correctly, during purchase, I was informed to "bring a credit card and present it on the day of event". Do they really check that? I went to Pasadena Concert, and there was a ticket scan and that's it. No credit card showing. (I went very early and it was a mess, many people went in even without scanning because staff had tech issue) Thank you
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