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  1. Just adding my 2 cents that DVD is not really acceptable in 2020. U2 uses the most cutting edge tech around for their video screens during their shows - the JT screen is almost 8K for crying out loud! - but somehow we’re supposed to be happy with 480p for our home video release. Pretty disappointing.
  2. This set looks great! The only disappointing thing to me is that "You're the Best" was taken from an Experience show and not a JT show, so we'll be getting the (in my opinion) boring acoustic version. Would have been amazing to include Acrobat, but of course with it not being an Innocence or Experience song I understand why. Overall really looking forward to this. And of course it's always a bonus when one of the songs comes from a show I actually attended (American Soul from Las Vegas, May 12th)!
  3. I would argue, though, that the way the stages and barricage are configured definitely begs for the show to be seen at least twice from different vantage points. There really is no single "perfect" spot to view the entire show; the screen is best viewed from one angle, the "e" stage from another, and the main stage from another one still. So, to me it's well worth going twice to really take in everything the show has to offer. You will definitely see things the second night that you didn't see the first.
  4. I'm all about GA because I can't stand being around people sitting during a U2 concert. Was in the stands for JT2017 with a bunch of people around me sitting and told myself never again. Back to the topic, I do wish Bono would ditch the little round glasses; those aren't helping. Otherwise, I thought his performance and energy level were fantastic.
  5. I saw both nights in Vegas, and will admit it was disappointing to get virtually the same setlist both nights; but, since I was in GA the first night and then the nosebleed section the next, I can say I really did enjoy the difference in perspective and feel like it was worth the money and effort to see both shows. That’s just me though. Would I have gone for a third night? No way. Ah hell, who am I kidding? Of course I would!
  6. Well, my thought is they must have seen your post because they haven’t played that exact sequence again since opening night!
  7. Referring to the actual title of this thread, they are playing 8 or 9 songs from SOE each night - that’s a lot! I get that they might not be the ones everyone wants to hear, but still, when you’re a fan of a band with 40 years’ worth of material, and you can go still see a show and hear 9 or 10 songs you’ve never heard live before (new songs plus Acrobat!!!), I think that’s pretty amazing.
  8. At this point, the delay in getting my CDs from my ticket purchases is pure entertainment. They shipped DHL on Nov. 30th FROM Austin, TX...and I live in Austin, TX. They then went to HOUSTON, where they were apparently transferred to USPS for final delivery. Estimated delivery has been updated from Dec. 5th to Dec. 9th. Not a big deal since I did buy the album off iTunes on Friday (and like JCF, I don't regret it), but wow, this is pretty comical.
  9. That's a good thought, but I'm thinking Best Buy doesn't let you return an opened copy of a CD (or game or music) for your money back; it's exchange for the same item only. So check that out before you go all in on that plan!
  10. Yeah, CD was my only option as well, even though it clearly stated I could choose download or CD. I bought 2 tickets, so was going to get one of each, but now I guess I have 2 CDs headed my way. But I'm also wondering when the CDs will arrive as I'm hosting a small listening party at my house Friday evening. I'll buy it off iTunes at the last minute if need be, but it would be nice to have the CD in hand by then. Not so optimistic about that though.
  11. Well, this person wins, hands down. That's pretty crazy.
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