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  1. I have Davin stand 320, also happy to swap!
  2. They actually had a U2 specific layout showing main stage at the opposite end when we bought the tickets- so frustrating.
  3. i picked up some of this on social media last night and have already forwarded that to u2comteam, so will be keeping an watch here for more info on this. Thanks all for the info and help!
  4. Has anyone else had luck arguing this with venue or ticketmaster for better seats? In 222, my cousin is flying out with us for his only show and is super bummed he is behind the stage.
  5. Adam if you actually did this and are in high school you have instantly become my hero haha I was in business studies! I am a professor and put my students in small groups so I could get tickets while I was supposed to be teaching. If you were in my class, I would excuse you to complete your ticket purchase. As it was, I kicked two kids out of class last week when they asked me, 'what's a U2?'
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