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  1. I had the same question about the ticket limits prior to the general onsale and emailed Ticketmaster. I did get four tickets during the presale. Here was their response: "Thanks for contacting us, my name is Leslie, I'd be happy to assist you in any way possible. I'm sorry about any confusion regarding the ticket limits for this event, 6 is the total ticket limit for the presale and general onsale. You can purchase 2 more tickets without violating ticket policy." So....I was only able to get 2 more at the general onsale. Their ticket limit descriptions are very confusing. Hope this helps.
  2. I think their thinking is that the second NJ show also counts towards Philly. Definitely don't see them playing 3 nights in a row or adding a show backwards on a Saturday. There must be a reason they didn't originally schedule the show for Sat 6/17 in Philly.
  3. The only option for Philly was credit card entry. Not too happy about that because I still collect all of my ticket stubs but I guess that is where technology is taking us...
  4. Definitely the smoothest presale I have ever been through. Had 4 tickets, lower level, $100 price level within 2 minutes for Philadelphia. Hopefully the general onsale next week goes just as smooth!
  5. Darrenk

    Ticket Limits

    Yes....that is my concern. I will probably just use two different cards so as to not run in to a problem. Thanks for your post.
  6. Darrenk

    Ticket Limits

    I know our U2.com presale allows for 4 tickets and general onsale says 8 tickets. Does anybody know if the 4 from the pre-sale count in the 8 you can get at the general onsale? Thanks....
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