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  1. Hi, tried to get red zone tix in general sale and presale. No go. If anyone has extra red zone tix for SD, please keep me in mind. Thx!
  2. Is this in order to make the stage fit the band depth-wise or is there another reason? I had good seats in LA, but was somewhat off to the side which caused the images on the middle of the screen to distort. Anyone know?
  3. Hi, anyone willing to sell or need to get rid of 2 DC red zones? Please let me know. Thx.
  4. Hi, looking for 2 red zone tix for DC. Anyone have extras or willing to sell their current ones?
  5. Hi, I'm looking for two red zone tix for Louisville. Please contact me here [NO EMAIL ADDRESSES, PLEASE. Use PMs instead. Thanks]. thx!
  6. Hi, I'm in need of 2 red zone tix for Louisville. Please, anyone willing or needing to sell let me know. [PLEASE NO PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE BOARD - LIKE EMAIL ADDRESSES OR PHONE NUMBERS - Use instead the PM system. Thanks] Thx!
  7. Hi, looking for 2 red zone tix for Pasadena on 5/20. Will pay full price or swap 2 good tix for same night (section 6, row 32) plus the additional money. Girlfriend would like to be closer to the stage than our current seats allow. Thx!
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