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  1. Well I have family in Dublin so I might head over for a break and a concert lets see if the Mrs allows it. No doubt it will cost me a fancy pair of shoes and a years supply of clothing
  2. Dood I lost faith with all political parties many moons ago and now only support the gray jedi, whom only get involved in galactic affairs when necessary
  3. The land of funny walks has been forgotten. I was to young at the time to go see the original Joshua tree tour, plus my family was too skint thanks to a British government that couldnt care less. Those where the days having the privilege of the family having a TV and seeing the blood red back ground of where the streets have no name live on the telly. I have been scared since. That much I named my oldest son Joshua after the album. I have been to every U2 Glasgow gig since ive been an adult. Am I an adult... Lol, sh*t ive grew up to a half decent looking guy whom also bares a few belters with regards to hats. But all honesty as I sip my cheap Spanish wine right now (which tastes dam fine btw) I am thinkin how gutted I am that the bhoys aint turnin up. Is it a case the barrowlands knocked them back or what lol? Only kiddin. Sooooo.... If U2 do actually read these forums please consider playing this tour in Glasgow. If not then fair play ill be at the next tour as usual. Peace out, may the force be with you... And God bless +)
  4. M8KMD

    No UK tickets?

    For Glasgow tickets its Ticket Master, but the message you get is: There is a problem with your request The password you entered is not in our system. Please try again. © 1999-2014 Ticketmaster. All rights reserved. Ticketmaster UK Ltd (registered in England and Wales, number 02662632). VAT Number: GB766098489 2nd Floor, Regent Arcade House, 19-25 Argyll Street, London W1F 7TS
  5. M8KMD

    No UK tickets?

    Its seems we only have 1 box for UK tickets, looks like the codes have yet to be passed to ticket master
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