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  1. I see some people on twitter posting a photo of a notification from Ticketmaster saying " Still interested in U2 tix you've been checking out? Grab em...." Is this a notification that some tickets have been released last min, or that prices have dropped. If either is true, how do I get these notifications?
  2. Thanks very much for the photo. It was very helpful
  3. I have tickets in section 114 in MSG. I'm looking at the stage set up and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me something about the view. Will I be able to see the band on stage or will the view be obstructed? What about the huge screen? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I didn’t receive this email but I got my tickets in the general sale last Monday. Hope it comes soon.
  5. Can anyone tell me how you receive your free songs of experience album after buying concert tickets? Is this being handled through ticketmaster? Is it a download or can you get a physical copy? I’ve not recieved any details on this despite buying tickets last week thanks
  6. I tried on presale and on sale to get GA for MSG but impossible to get no how many times I tried. I was trying from Australia at 2am and followed instructions, used code etc.

    So unhappy 

    1. dbomb


      That's too bad. I really hope things work work. Australia is beautiful btw. Good luck

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