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  1. Patricia_Arg


    Great photo! great moment!!!!
  2. Patricia_Arg


  3. You're welcome! I'm glad you like they! :-)
  4. Hi Karen! I absolutely agree! He is one of a kind! Thanks fo your comment :-)
  5. Hi! She was in fact a security guard or police officer, not sure :-D I was able to film de moment when Bono asks her to join him on stage. i'm going home now after an unforgettable night! I promise i'll upload the video tomorrow :-)
  6. Hi! thanks for the answer. Presale started 15 minutes ago, when I entered my code it says the code can only be used in one transaction only and it won't let me buy (I bought 3 tickets for the 1st show) Apart from that, new members access the presale 2 hours after It starts, this is, long time members have only an advantage of 2 hours compared to someone who suscribes the same day the presale starts. Im a long time member, finally U2 comes to my country and I find that I dont have an advantage of 1 day, and I cannot purchase 4 tickets per year. The rules changed and it's dissappointing and kind of unfair I think. I wanted to buy redzone tickets, I see that at this point there are available, but because of those changes, I cant buy the ticket. Really really dissapointing :-(
  7. Hi! I would like to ask something, I read de FAQ but I'm not sure if I understand correctly. I bought 3 tickets for the 1st gig in Buenos Aires using my presale code. I know Im supposed to buy up to 4 tickets per year. Am I able to use the code again to purchase one ticket for the 2nd show?. The pre-sale starts tomorrow.
  8. Hi all! Im adding the pictures of the cake I made. U2 visited my country (Argentina) 3 times (Popmart Tour, Vertigo Tour and U2360 tour) so I tried to decorate it putting one image of each concert. There you can see the "macphisto signal" you could see on the huge Popmart screen before playing "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me", the black and red spiral you could see during Vertigo and the U2360 logo. :-) I used black, red, silver and yellow "granas" (I dont know the translation for this word!), my eyes are a little bit sore but it's been really fun!!!!!!! :-)
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