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  1. Patricia_Arg


    Great photo! great moment!!!!
  2. Patricia_Arg


  3. Patricia_Arg


    You're welcome! I'm glad you like they! :-)
  4. Patricia_Arg

    The Edge

    Hi Karen! I absolutely agree! He is one of a kind! Thanks fo your comment :-)
  5. Hi! She was in fact a security guard or police officer, not sure :-D I was able to film de moment when Bono asks her to join him on stage. i'm going home now after an unforgettable night! I promise i'll upload the video tomorrow :-)
  6. Hi! thanks for the answer. Presale started 15 minutes ago, when I entered my code it says the code can only be used in one transaction only and it won't let me buy (I bought 3 tickets for the 1st show) Apart from that, new members access the presale 2 hours after It starts, this is, long time members have only an advantage of 2 hours compared to someone who suscribes the same day the presale starts. Im a long time member, finally U2 comes to my country and I find that I dont have an advantage of 1 day, and I cannot purchase 4 tickets per year. The rules changed and it's dissappointing and kind of unfair I think. I wanted to buy redzone tickets, I see that at this point there are available, but because of those changes, I cant buy the ticket. Really really dissapointing :-(
  7. Hi! I would like to ask something, I read de FAQ but I'm not sure if I understand correctly. I bought 3 tickets for the 1st gig in Buenos Aires using my presale code. I know Im supposed to buy up to 4 tickets per year. Am I able to use the code again to purchase one ticket for the 2nd show?. The pre-sale starts tomorrow.
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