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  1. I have mine still. Used it a lot therefore it is well scratched. Now all boxed up. I lost the U2 library a long time ago.
  2. I completely agree with the article. Have always felt uncomfortable around cocks !!
  3. I love the new album ... one of their best in years And I am lucky to be going to see them in Birmingham later in the year !!!!!
  4. MAGGIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been so long since we spoke - miss you!!! Want to share the bucket? yes please bucket to the ready !!!
  5. Don't really understand this arrow thing myself !!!!
  6. Jim, the woman who was buried today caused so much heartbreak, even within families. Whole communities torn in two because of her policies. The woman who was happy to buy cruise missiles and very nearly caused the Russians to press the button. She despised woman and had no time for anyone who needed help. She made people selfish....
  7. Another beautiful blog from you Pam. Have missed the blogs and all the regular bloggers. Haven't found my way around the forums yet !! Will try harder
  8. HELL YEAH!!!! LOOOOOOVE the photo!!! thanks!!

  9. I love Bono for being a truely great frontman ..... I admire his efforts for trying to make a difference, but he couldn't have done any of it without his position in the band and the money he has made from being in a band. I don't want to spend my cash listening to a political statement when I go to a concert !!!!
  10. But I am so glad that Mary has finally been able to clear her name .... what happened to her was very nasty and unpleasant. People did believe the other persons version of events and it wasn't very nice for her for quite a while.
  11. Went to see Muse last Tuesday and it was Awesome !!!!
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