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  1. All added shows will be Fan Verified. I think most people don't understand "Scalpers and Bots" and just love throwing that out there these days.
  2. Verified fan is a real mistake! I dont have tickets this time and i am a fan from 1983!! Sad story!!! 

  3. Hello- I have two hard tickets for Face value. Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get from downtown to the show and back? Thanks Peter
  4. Tickets sold for a loss on a secondary site- thanks for those who showed interest.
  5. Still available. If you buy both- I will discount them to 120 Euro total (under face)
  6. Hello- I have one ticket for each night. Face value. They are Etickets and you would pay via paypal.
  7. I have one GA if you want it. Face value via paypal.
  8. Hello- I will no longer be attending the shows and have a standing ticket available for both nights. I'd prefer to sell the tickets together. Face value via Paypal. Thanks Peter
  9. I have one E ticket for both nights. I'd prefer to sell them together.
  10. I'm in Boston- if you want to try to go down to the venue and talk your way in- I'd give you the order number and my credit card. Email me at [NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE] You would obviously only only pay if you got in. I think the people can actually manually punch in the credit card number
  11. Hi all- I can't make it to Toronto but don't want the tickets to go to waste. I have an expired credit card that should allow you to get into the venue (I don't believe the scanners use expiration date). I would just request that you send the card back to me after. If you can't get into the show- I'll return your money (minus shipping) to you.
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