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  1. Seems like @U2 is full of info lately https://www.atu2.com/news/swiss-music-store-selling-songs-of-experience-with-dec-1-release-date.html
  2. Yeah it's pretty cool. It went out to people in the eclipse path of totality. I'm just north of where that path was darn it LOL. Kudos to those who got the letter
  3. What the heck is this about? https://www.atu2.com/news/check-your-mailbox-u2-fans-getting-mysterious-blackout-letter.html
  4. I was there on July 5, 2011 for the One Tree Hill premiere, it was magnificent.
  5. Saw the original JT tour 30 years ago in Chicago, actually in Rosemont, IL. "Sing your heart out Chicago"
  6. Oh fantastic pic of Adam and that background! I love the huge screen with the landscapes.
  7. Max, thanks for posting the pic of the empty spot in the GA. I'll be looking for those spots tomorrow LOL. I'm so short I won't see a thing. I can't believe what happened in London tonight, horrid
  8. Thanks Bigwave, I love the Lumineers! Looking forward to seeing them also.
  9. We'll be there tomorrow night, can't wait. Is there a live feed? I haven't been in here or done this for awhile and things have changed a bit. Hi Max and Bigwave
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