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  1. Just thinking out loud... they managed to reactivate the codes of those people who bought their tickets in the 'accidental' presale and had their purchase cancelled. Couldn't they do the same thing again?
  2. I guess that if no-one can re-use their code, there's not much use for a presale 🤔 Oh well, sportshub moves in mysterious ways, who knows what will happen
  3. I'm really amazed that RZ is selling so quickly. It's basically GA with a fence around it and a bit more room to breathe. It's what people usually go for as a last resort when GA is sold out. Or when they don't want to queue (like me this time). In Europe, I would go for GA over RZ anytime, without a doubt.
  4. Very happy for you Sir! 😊 And you'll have a great time regardless of where you're standing. I have back troubles too, and usually prefer to find a bit of railing at the sound towers for support. If things get too crowded at the front (which they will) there's plenty of room to move (and dance) at the outer areas. Being at the front is of course great, but being at a U2 gig is amazing no matter where you are. I once ended up at the back, and still had Bono smiling at me personally, with 20000 people between us (later, my friends claimed he was looking at them, but I know better if
  5. Thanks for giving us a great life, ehmmm...night! 👍👍👍👍 You guys rock.
  6. I had some lovely queueing experiences in Amsterdam too, but I'm glad I choose RZ for Singapore. This kind of climate is new to me, plus jetlag...😁 One thing that I sincerely hope though, is that the die hard, multiple-check-in GA queuers will take the local fans into consideration. For many local long time fans, this will be the first ever U2 concert in their life. They don't know about our quirky self-invented queueing regime. It would break my heart to have them think they're at the front to finally see their favorite band, only to discover that there's a bunch of (probably rather
  7. You're seriously considering queueing in Singapore? Apart from the question whether they let you (you get fined for forgetting to flush after a number 2, and they check), it's 34 degrees and 90% humidity...
  8. I left it...after all, it's the address where I'll stay during my stay in Singapore, so I'm not lying, right? I don't think you need to worry too much...it's just a mailing address, and RZ doesn't mail anything. One thing I would like to ask the mods (but they're already working on that), is to clarify what the actual cause is. Sportshub's website is antique, so I assume it's a technical weirdness or a bad user interface designer. But I'm 100% happy when I know that there's no other reason, like RZ being a charity and visitors having to be locally registered. (This is just a weird hypothe
  9. As long as it's not U2 deciding they don't want the same faces at the railing yet again, I'm happy :-)
  10. @Max Tsukino did you get any feedback on why RZ can only be purchased on a Singapore address? Is it a glitch with sportshub, or are there other reasons?
  11. No, you can leave your country and nationality as is. Just enter a different address:
  12. The only solution is to provide a Singapore address I'm afraid....you could try calling them and ask for advice.
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