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  1. when i wrote that it was predicted to be released by xmas but now has been re scheduled for spring
  2. The bass line to Let's Dance is booming out of the o2
  3. Release confirmed for Xmas 2018 Mexico show
  4. Hey click on the tickets link for Madison Square Garden. Ticketmaster page shows half the sold out seats are VERIFIED FANS reselling their tix at 3 times price. Problem is Livenation own U2, own primary ticket sites and own secondary ticket sites
  5. Thanks very much? I loved the format of the I+e tour so hope they keep it the same. Love is bigger than anything in its way is for me the best song they've written since One so really hope they finish with it. Have to admit I didn't think they had another great album in them but was stunned when I first heard SoE. Think this tour will be awesome
  6. Lights of Home (Strings intro) Your'e The Best Thing About Me Get Out Of You're Own Way I Will Follow Electric Co Vertigo ISHFWILF Kite Song For Someone Sometimes You Cant make It On Your own Joey Ramone Until The End Of The World ------- Discotheque The Blackout EBTTRT Ultraviolet Summer Of Love Stay A Sort Of Homecoming Bad Invisible WOWY WTSHNN One The Little Things That Give You Away 11 o'clock Tick Tock Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way
  7. Mexico was filmed for official release
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