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  1. Text me [MOD EDIT: PLEASE NO PHONE NUMBERS. Use the PMs. Thanks] with your username and I'll pm you back. Ticket price was 306 cad. I'll take 220 US
  2. Thanks Stubby for the trade! Come on May!
  3. Just for clarification, you have 2 tickets in row 1 with seats together in section 114?
  4. Stubby, let me talk to my husband about that. Are they also credit card entry?
  5. I am going with my husband but GA is too taxing for me these days ( I have MS and recently had a relapse). I would like to swap them for seats in sections 105,106,107,116,117,118. They are ticket-less credit card entry. If I can't find someone to swap with I doubt I will be going and I feel rather screwed over by the whole thing but that is for a different topic
  6. I have GA tix and the appear to be non transferable. Paid with Cc during presale and need the same cc to get into the show as it replaced the tickets. I was very surprised at this. Not sure if it's only that way for the presale tickets?
  7. Im paid through March.Member since 2009, this is nerve wracking
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