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  1. Hi Monica:

    Can we meet up in Dublin this time?

    I am sorry it did not work out for SOI tour, but I have a cell phone now so you can contact me anyway you would like. Look forward to hearing from you.



  2. And what does your Masters in Economics tell you about supply and demand?
  3. I got the quote from the Belfast shows ticket limit. The Dublin shows says "Please adhere to published tickets limits." I don't know if this is per gig or for the whole tour.
  4. This is what is said on Ticketmaster. Strict ticket limit of 2 per person, credit card, household. Any multiple orders will be cancelled without notification
  5. Sleight of hand and a twist of fate On a bed of nails U2 makes me wait And I wait...for presale codes
  6. that info should be on the venues event info page Nothing on the venue or Ticketmaster event info page.
  7. I was just wondering about ticket limits during the general sale. Is it 2 tickets per person for all of the shows, or is it 2 tickets per person per event
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