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  1. For the LV show it's AXS, not TM. Probably what happened was the allotment sold out while I was on the payment page, and the dumb website logic displayed some inscrutable error language when I tried to pay for tickets that AXS wasn't, in fact, holding for me like the TM site does.
  2. On the AXS site I entered the new presale code for Saturday May 12. I got through to the GA tix, was trying to purchase them, but it declined my various credit cards 3 times. Meanwhile I'm getting alerts of the charges from my CC card companies so I know I entered the card info correctly. After 3 declines it forces me back out to the main page for the concert, and now if I click the GA presale button for the LV Vegas 2nd night show, and enter the code, the AXS site gives "This offer is currently restricted. Please make a different selection." What a bunch of BS this is.
  3. No GA were available at wire presale start at 9a. But got two when I just checked back yay!
  4. Lucky!! You must have a lightning fast internet connection! I had two browsers open, Chrome and IE9 (!) here at work in San Diego. Surprisingly IE9 got through in 5 mins while Chrome eventually errored out. When those GAs popped up I just hoped I would make it all the way through checkout without a error or crash...win!
  5. I got three GA tickets for LA 2 in the public sale today.
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