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  1. See that's what annoys me so much. I'm flying *farther* yet paying less! Makes no sense! I know there are fees and taxes depending on final destination, but half as much to fly for twice as long? And I get a day stopover in Houston. Do they just make prices up? 😞 Richard
  2. Thanks, I've checked on her behalf, IAH is *my* first connection and she can't get a seat on the same planes as me for the IAH - sydney part for less than 3x what I've paid to fly from London -> IAH ->Sydney! I'm on the 8:25pm out of IAH on the 9th Nov if anyone else is doing a mini tour 😄 Richard
  3. @blueandgoldfan are you flying out from Texas? I'm doing Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney and I'm flying out from LHR via IAH but my friend in Katy can't find a reasonable flight to join me.... It sucks as my flight from London is $850 or so return and she can't get on the same plane but start / end in Houston for under $3k! Richard
  4. I too wore out my casette of this fairly quickly...but found it in Italy in 1995 on KTS. Got loads of their stuff - quality was usually soundboard orbroadcast. Packaging was amazing for boots at the time ( digipaks, decent booklets etc) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiss_the_Stone_Records Richard
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