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  1. Hippo Birdies Dear Adam,

  2. Hippo Birdies Two Ewes,

  3. Hippo Birdies Two Ewes

  4. Heal Bono, heal!!!

    1. pain_18_


      Get well soon,Bono !!!

  5. I got my code for" innocence" group, for fri presale, in my account page. On the bottom, after all the info.
  6. Still no email with access codes. Also, they were supposed to be somewhere on the TOURS pg -- cannot find it either. Let's keep an eye on it and if som one gets some info, pls forward it for the others. We're not just "fans", we're community. Thanks.
  7. Could someone tell me how to reply using "quotes" and "multiquotes" ? Much appreciated. Ps. ROLLING STONES magazine just announced SOI as the album of the year, 1 place! Yeah! ( 2nd place Bruce S.). Some people on the net can't take it! Yes, those who complained, "windged" about its appearance on their apple equipment. Everybody think or pray for Bono's health, ....and we yet will be making some joyful noise -- whether some sour pusses like it or not. God bless!
  8. All I want for Xmas ...is Bono healed!

  9. msjedi

    bono time

    Heal! May God be with you! I can say - by being 2-3 months each year, in the hospital, of the first 11 years of my childhood: heal, and get the hell out of there asap! I'm 41 and the memories/nightmares still creep at night. I pray you have much, much better experience I ever had.
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