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  1. Just because they have been doing it for a while does not make it right. I would like the option to resale through TM at Face Value and or trade like for like GA.
  2. The credit card entry is wrong on so many levels. It does "somewhat" deter scalpers but of course they have figured ways around it. DO NOT MISREAD THIS - I AM ALL IN FAVOR OF CURTAILING SCALPING ( even though it does fly in the face of capitalism). What it does do is take away our rights as fans and ticket holders. There is no good way for fans to swap a ga ticket with another fan for another show or for a fan to recoup their ticket cost for a show they can't attend. Many of us like to see U2 multiple times in multiple cities and sometimes life happens where we can't make a particular show. At this point, we can't even give the tickets away. This is my proposal Ticketmaster and the band need to agree that we should have the ability to: Resell GA tickets at face value only exclusively through Ticketmaster resale site. Trade/Transfer a GA ticket for one show to a customer with a GA ticket for another show. Ticketmaster could even charge a processing fee (gasp) In this scenario, everyone wins. Customers who can't attend can recoup most of their original cost. Ticketmaster wins as they collect fees on all transactions and the band gets their desire to slow down scalpers. I am investing an online petition but want to make sure I can get it to someone that cares and can make a difference.
  3. I know that U2 try to play to most every angle in their shows, but there is also one direction that they face the majority of the time. In this new configuration, I can't figure out if seats on the ends are good or bad . Anyone have any good info on this?
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