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  1. hot chocolate with a dash of Jack Daniels honey liqueur...yum...obviously we ladies have "options" cos we get 500 calories less than men a day....sooo not fair...
  2. How you are feeling now is how we will feel when you eventually go..... you were so lucky to meet your hero and I'm sure he loved the way you opened up our minds and hearts to Africa...This loss will be reminding you of the loss of your father but... 2013 - 12 = 2001 for the whole of this month he is allowed to visit along with..... 1977 + 8 + 16.... 1959 + 7 + 17....this is your No1 spirit guide...someone who dies shortly before you are conceived and you know in your heart of hearts who she is because you wrote a song about her... From the second you utter your first cry the sound made is a pinpoint in time and that is how the angels can track you... that's it for now...I am still working on the code and of course I have to wait another couple of years because all the doubting Thomas's are going to want as much proof as I can throw at them... On the 20th your mum is allowed to visit....as well... the work you do on Earth pale's in comparison to the work you do when you are freed from your skin prison.... :) remember...there are no coincidences.....it's all part of the plan..love and peace bro....xxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxx If I don't see this on the web....good...you have no idea how embarassing this is....fear and doubt...my biggest foes....
  3. Where is this bloggers corner? I can't even find games or playground. Still haven't found what I'm looking for ...lol
  4. They're only two thirds of the way there....
  5. 170 Iris Hewson 171 Robert Hewson 172 Maureen Mullen 173 Larry Mullen Snr 174 Adam's Mum 175 Adam's Dad 176 Edge's Mum 177 Edge's Dad 178 Norman Hewson 179 Cecelia 180 Mary Mullen 181 The Universe
  6. So this is Christmas, and what have you done? another year over and a new one just begun.
  7. A great spirit has asked me to inform you that many of you are suffering subconciously and are completely unaware of it. If you are crying over the death of Madiba and you did not personally meet him and you are not even African you may have symptoms and not even realize it. The same happened with the death of Diana. In todays society we are bombarded with that much news and images that we ignore our own issues. Things that should be dealt with and healed but are instead projected outwards and attached to other events. It is wonderful to see the compassion in the world at the moment but people have forgotten that they need to show compassion to themselves. I am struggling to find the words to express this properly so you will have to bear with me. Global grief - people who are suffering from grief but have not dealt with it properly (healing, therapy etc) will supress their grief deep inside until an event like the death of a global icon opens up the wound and out come the tears...you should not be sad today. If you are sad you have projected your inner grief and electrically attached it outwards. Basically you are running away from your problems but instead of running away you are letting your problems run in front of you via social media. You are more than likely an empathic/sensitive, you listen to everyone elses problems but do not burden others with your own. You pick up other peoples negative issues (subconsciously)You like to rescue people but are incapable of being rescued yourself. Images in the media affect you deeply, you are likely to cry at social injustice. You are slowly being drained, your nerves are probably on edge and you are more than likely suffering from insomnia. How to get better Take a 3 day break from all forms of media, concentrate on yourself and re-charge. You cannot help those in pain if you are in pain yourself. You cannot help someone grieve if you yourself are wrapped up in grief. If you are drowning in emotions you cannot rescue someone else.You need to feel joy in order to uplift another. If you feel sorrow you will pull them down with you. You need to stop projecting your problems outside of yourself and attaching them to other issues that are outside of your control. Stand still, switch off and try to realise what you have been doing for years without even realizing it. Namaste,...Aho...
  8. are the mods paid and does any part of our subscription actually go to U2...i.e. don't mind paying if it helps to fund the next world tour...
  9. Looks like you're doing these on your own. Good job you've done the Ace of Clover and the Ace of Diamonds. If Patience is what Bono wants then patience is what he will be getting.. these cards will only be suitable for playing patience/solitaire. Good thing you work/volunteer in a primary school and have access to coloured card that would otherwise have been thrown away. I knew there was a method in my madness. Thank you Angel of sound and vibration that I've never heard of before....He's only getting 40 aahhh so no jokers kings queens or knaves because we're all equal... ta very much...
  10. What an amazing chance for anyone involved in teaching school children.. Africa's no 1 son has now stepped into the pages of History, we can now include him in our school curriculum. As a school governor and chair of the p.t.a I can now go and hustle my local cinema for discount tickets. It's for educational purposes. We must ensure he is never forgotten by teaching our children about him. If not suitable for 10 year olds then I will blag tickets for my daughter's secondary school... :D :D
  11. I am not being cynical at all but the timing of the new single....well all I can say is there are no co-incidences and God willed it...no-one on Earth could have orchestrated publicity like this...thank you Almighty One xxxoooxxx :D :D
  12. Ordinary Love becomes all the more poignant on hearing this news. Nelson Mandela day will always be the day you started on your greatest journey. 2013 December 5th. We will celebrate your amazing journey on Earth, the path you walked, your humble greatness, your magnificent memory will remain with us, your spirit will forever reside in the hearts of those who are struggling against oppression. Enjoy your vacation - you deserve it. xxxoooxxx
  13. Send before birthday so Bono can sign them and then auction them for his favourite charity xxx
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