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  1. Mark 92 -- you know I actually did. I probably shouldn't have even put it in quotes. I popped onto the public sale with zero expectations and then was shocked when I was able to snag something.
  2. i also was not able to get GAs in the public sale today. Ended up feeling "lucky" to purchase two singles (seats) two rows apart. i could stomach $171 but not $325
  3. I might be game for this, but I’m still sorting out all of my plans with who is coming with me for the Newark show and what kind of thickets they want. I have two tix in sec 13 (behind the stage). I’ll know better after the first of the year. If this of interest we can reconnect then, maybe?
  4. Ticketmaster is telling me to "Wait 72 hours!" and then it will "escalate" me. Honestly, I could just buy the album, but I am so so so pissed off with Ticketmaster I can't even see straight.
  5. I got the email to get the album overnight, but when I tried to follow the link this morning it said it wasn’t available. TM is criminally incompetent.
  6. I feel like I'm overposting my drama. Sorry. But I felt the need to come back and say that I had an epiphany to try again and type the tiny URL from the text into my browser. Was able to pick up some decent Newark tix behind the stage (I wanted GA, but I thought these tickets were pretty good, and I have GA for Boston the week prior). Even that sale got screwed up with TM's technology, but I reloaded the page and holy cr*p the purchase went through. I even got my email confirming. Axl -- congrats on the Boston GAs. those are hard to come by. I was trying to pick up two more also for friends who got shut out yesterday in the Innocence group and no dice.
  7. I called TM. Representative threw Citibank under the bus. Called Citibank. They show all well with my account, no declined charges, and no even attempts by TM to charge me today. So the TM software totally failed here. None of the purchases pushed through to the card. He also tried to blame it on me having multiple browsers open, and I lost my shit at that point. Their website wasn't working, so I tried my phone. It's a distinct link with a distinct code for each of the three shows that I was going for. Why wouldn't I have separate tabs open on my mobile device? I feel like I'm in bizarro world. Will try each show again just for shits and giggles, but it's time to move on with my day. Thanks all for the info. Glad some of you got tix today.
  8. Brit, what link? I used u2.com/tour which worked flawlessly for me on Tuesday but today everytime I searched TM (on all three shows, BTW) I got an error message when it was working to find seats.
  9. Were you using your phone or the Tm website, or what?
  10. Is anyone having any luck today? I got the email and code fine, but the technology on TM's end has been an absolute disaster. I'm going for either Newark/Nassau/Boston in that order. Worked through all three on the TM site (linked thru u2.com/tour, which worked flawless for me on Tuesday). error messages on all searches. Decided to try the link and process on my phone. Newark. HAD TWO GAs. Completing the sale. Software f*ucked up and botched my purchase at the very end. No tickets, no email from TM. Sad sad face. Kept my chin up....kept trying all three venues. NO Gas to be found. Tried Newark again. Realized that the $81 price point also had some great seats immediately behind the stage. Decided to go for it after throwing back a bunch of pairs. Got 2 tickets. Processed sale. Said my credit card had insufficient funds. Um, no. Tried again. Got 2 tickets. Fucked up my purchase at the end again and now I'm on hold with TM. THIS IS SO frustrating. I know I can't complain because I got 2 GAs for Boston the other day, but they put us through this hysterics of technology on our end, and theirs doesn't even work. Monday should run fantastically. Did anyone have better luck than me? Hugs to all!
  11. Success for Boston!  Woot!

  12. Makes sense. Thanks. Maybe I'll shoot for a NY area show instead.
  13. Ditto. No email here. Seems strange that they haven't sent it yet.
  14. Has anyone managed to figure out whether Montreal tickets will be available in a presale? I want to use my u2.com codes for Boston, but would really like to go to Montreal as my "second" show. (I live in Maine.) So I was going to go for Montreal in the citi presale, but then I realized this weekend they are not participating? Am I missing something?
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