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  1. I am at tonights final show in London. I have a tight schedule to get into London and the last train back to Lincolnshire. I am lucky to be in a corporate suite and have been informed that the band will be on stage at 19.30. Was this the case for Monday nights show? What time do the show finish? Thanks....
  2. 2 seats in Block 116 available for sale. Looking to cover the full price I paid including surcharges. I am in England.
  3. Hi Jeffers - I have 2 seats in block 116 for the Saturday show. My friend has decided he no longer wants to go and I do not wish to go on my own. I am looking to get the full cost of the 2 seats back including surcharges as we have also paid for 2 return flights from Heathrow to Milan and nothing will be refunded for cancellation. I see you are in France? I am in the UK....thoughts? Cheers Jeff
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