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  1. 645 eur + 15 Eur (insurance cancellation) = 660 Eur Original Ticketmaster Price for 2 Tickets
  2. Hello, I am selling my RedZone tickets for PARIS on July 25th. 2 RZ Tickets - I sell at a paid price to trustworthy U2 fans Payment by Paypal. I am located in Hamburg / Germany I see them in Amsterdam, I'm very happy. 645 eur + 15 Eur (insurance cancellation) = 660 Eur Original Ticketmaster Price for 2 Tickets
  3. diakhh

    Screwed in NYC

    Live Music & Live Entertrainment in this Size is pure business. There are not only 4 People with there Backline driving around the World. There are every evening hundreds of local crew people bringing money home, and the U2 Crew which is working for them (and mostly other big names) are need the money for her family and for ..whatever. Lemmy from Motörhead said, "i ll go on tour because my Crew need the money :)" These 4 guys doing it sometimes for less money of for free, because they like it, but everything what they do, is a kind of marketing or promotion, or some Charity - whatever this is okay ! These are great musicians (now a bit older - but almost great..hehe). I am working since 16yrs in music bizz, good that people still go to concert, than i can go sometimes to NYC ... What would i say ... ? ah yes. Wednesday i see U2 (btw: they are the reason for my Job!!!). I have 2 Tickets - but need only one - if you bought already for mostly all the other shows tickets not for the Show on Wednesday, give me a mail - you pay less than the normal price, cause you pay the beer and i like not to make a big deal with this ticket ... really ... PS: my last U2 tour - zooropa - long time ago ... PS: any Aftershow Parties around
  4. Hello Fans, i ll bought 2 Tickets (side by side) for Section 209 in MSG on Wed. I paid total 312 USD p Ticket. Finally i need only one Ticket, should be one that i have or in a better Category We can change both Tickets, you give me one other !? or you buy only one, i am shure we find a deal, Ticket chancing in front of the venue or a day before is possible, my Hotel is around. I´ll reduce the Ticket price (need 290 USD) Don t wanna have the stress on showday... No tricks - Greetings from Germany, at Tuesday in Manhatten. (i am 38yrs, male, nice and friendly, see U2 the first time in the 90s, these guys are the reason for my job) Cheers
  5. I ll bought 2 Tickets for U2 in MSG, in Section 209 i need only one - normal price for one Ticket is 312,40 incl all fees. I ll offer it a bit cheaper - don t wanna make business with that Selling Price and a beer ist the deal 280 USD - send me a mail, at Tuesday i am in Manhatten. Mail me please ! greetings from zooo no europe (can t re-sell it from germany in the US Ticketmaster Shop...)
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