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  1. Ugh, no I'm in the Innocence group so I'm avoiding the temptation of Stub Hub and waiting out for tomorrow's presale to open for the LA show. I feel like it's just going to be a sham of an experience tho. It's been so hard getting tix to their previous shows! Fingers crossed tho!
  2. Oh! I totally didn't see that written on it! I would have otherwise! Maybe it was still written there but I was little teary when I was at the JTree and couldn't see it. I also didn't rummage too much in the suitcase as there were old t-shirts from shows from the 80's in there that were just holding onto life and I didn't want to be the one responsible for them disintergrating any more. The plastic lemon was definitely a good token to leave behind! I couldn't bear parting with my U2 mug that travelled with me and should have prepared something else besides a stone. Oh well, next time I'll be better prepared!
  3. I totally remember seeing the inflatable lemon in the suitcase that's there! I did a solo desert sojourn in the summer of 2016 where I drove from Venice to 29 Palms and stayed at the Harmony Motel, then drove through the Mojave and stayed a night with artists at Tecopa then visited Zabriskie Point as the sun rose (so stunning!) and drove on and found the Joshua Tree. It was such a beautiful, humbling experience. Definitely a life goal and bucketlist item checked off for me. I left a message on a stone and left it under the Joshua Tree and wrote in the notebook too. Just a wonderful, beautiful experience. I'm desperate to head back out there again! I just found my pic of it and I'm going to try to post it now.
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