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  1. i got mine last week after ordering in November so not as bad as some people but mine looked like they're from 1987 given the condition they arrived in
  2. Haha I think we have both gotten our signals crossed I have seen as many good reviews as I have bad for the last two albums and like you I make up my own mind after I hear them and I think there are some great songs there but I also have an opinion as to why they sound the way they do. My point was the really about focusing on music and scaling back as they move forward and not playing into the role of being one of the worlds biggest rock bands . Anyone who puts an artistic product into the world will generate responses by the media which is purely subjective and when you operate at the s
  3. One studio, one producer, no overcooking it, no big social/political statement and no talk until a release date is confirmed. I think there has been too much talk of music and not enough music (I'd still love to hear the Rick Rubin material) which raises albums up to ridiculous expectations and pressure (commercially and artistically) that no band can live up, even the mighty U2. They could release The Joshua Tree tomorrow and it wouldn't sell 20 million copies simply because that musical economy doesn't exist anymore, nothing to do with the quality of the music itself so they could start
  4. I think this has been interpreted in two ways, whether the band can physically do it or creatively do it. I think physically they could keep playing live for a few more years without a problem, as musicians I don't think they would slow down. With the exception of Larry the show isn't that physical for them as say Metallica as mentioned earlier. How Bonos voice and presence will hold up over the next few years though remains to be seen and that will just come down to age same as it would for anyone. They famously said the only way out of U2 is in a box so I don't think they intend to stop
  5. Day 21, still no sign of my box set. Email just sent to customer service, all my other online orders from the UK are arriving bang on time before Christmas so I don't believe it's the seasonal strain on the post system. Next time the local record store is getting the money, would have cost me less to buy it there anyway so there's a lesson learned.
  6. still waiting after two weeks. i'm nervous about listening to the album, i usually am with any new u2 material and have deliberately avoided streaming it or listening to it anywhere else until i get my boxset so things are getting tense
  7. i haven't heard the new album yet (waiting on the postman) but i have listened to the new singles and i think you have a point. i have been a long time u2 fan, close to 20 years, and while i don't think i will ever give up on them i think in the last 6-7 years there has been what i would call a sheen to their records, even the band themselves, which i think you're referring to when you use the term boyband. i think the band have made a mistake in thinking that being relevant, which they have mentioned before, means having a big hit and unfortunately with mainstream music getting more perf
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