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  1. Just heared the date for the Dutch gig. After that I logged in here and saw that there is a Facebook connection possibility. I don’t have FB and I don’t want FB. So what is the deal and what’s happing with the ‘verified ticket sale’.
  2. My first reaction is: pretentious and somewhat obnoxious. Why should the same people, just because they are part of some elusive ‘club’ always have the same front row and have been to numerous gigs while other cognoscenti (also for years), but no member of what ever society, every time get the door slammed in their face and not be able to get any tickets. Live and live I would say and grant other the same fun with no restrictions. At the same time apprehending and knowing that this is a chimera, I’ve contemplated about it and ‘if you can’t beat them? I might as well join them. So, here I am, some what closer to the ‘unforgettable’ fire and hoping (it seems it’s going to be tougher ever time) to get a couple of tickets just to see those guys together with my wife this time. And I even don’t want field ticks, just some seated will do fine. So fingers crossed.... and please don’t be offended.
  3. They have to make it clear for other than US TM accounts. My Dutch TM acccount doesn’t work. I really believe in this ‘verified’ system, just make it clear to all TM users in other countries
  4. Same here. It’s very unclear to me. I have a Dutch TM account, but that doesn’t work to complete the setup

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