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    I live in Downpatrick
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    I love Music, Art, i do my own Drawings. I do my makeup Tutorials on YouTube, if you are interested in watching them my YouTube Channel is Annette Gouldie . I had to keep the best till last , I listen to U2 all the time , watch thier live Gigs on YouTube. My Favourite is Vertigo 2005: Live from Chicago. xx
  • Favourite U2 Album
    All that you cant leave behind. 200
  • Favourite U2 Single
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    Experience + Innocence Tour 2018
  • Recent U2 Gig
    Never been to one.
  • Favourite U2 Person
    Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam.
  • Fav. Other Bands
    Coldplay, Oasis, The Chainsmokers, Guns N Roses.

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    Annette Gouldie

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  1. I havent been on for a while , but ive got something to make you Smile.;)


    1. annettegouldie


      This is amazing photo of Bono and the guys.B) Roll on till October till i see you all preforming live. Something tells me im in for the best night of my life.xx

  2. Hi There I've had a week from hell last week, I lost a family member. ?
  3. Thank you i havent been online in a few days .x
  4. Thank you its nice to chat to other U2 Fans.xx
  5. Hi there ive just joined March 9th . xx how are you.x
  6. There is never enough time in the day, to get to do what needs doing.x
  7. we are in for more snow this weekend in Ireland. i cant wait for Summer.x
  8. Going to enjoy every moment of it. I've got 7 month's to wait.x out of all the Concerts I've been to I believe this is going to be mind blowing. Xx
  9. where I live we had a lot of Snowfall this year.x
  10. Thank you for some needed advice i cant wait to see Bono live for the first time. are you going to any more shows yourself.x im thinking of not taking any pictures cause it distracts you from everything. x Ive seen your profile youve been here for a while, where are you from if you dont mind me asking.x
  11. Hi there im Annette i just want to say waw i cant believe your from California. you lucky girl.xxx
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