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    I live in Downpatrick
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    I love Music, Art, i do my own Drawings. I do my makeup Tutorials on YouTube, if you are interested in watching them my YouTube Channel is Annette Gouldie . I had to keep the best till last , I listen to U2 all the time , watch thier live Gigs on YouTube. My Favourite is Vertigo 2005: Live from Chicago. xx
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    All that you cant leave behind. 200
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    Experience + Innocence Tour 2018
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    Never been to one.
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    Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam.
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    Coldplay, Oasis, The Chainsmokers, Guns N Roses.

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    Annette Gouldie

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  1. I havent been on for a while , but ive got something to make you Smile.;)


    1. annettegouldie


      This is amazing photo of Bono and the guys.B) Roll on till October till i see you all preforming live. Something tells me im in for the best night of my life.xx

  2. Thank you i havent been online in a few days .x
  3. Thank you its nice to chat to other U2 Fans.xx
  4. Hi there ive just joined March 9th . xx how are you.x
  5. Hi there im Annette i just want to say waw i cant believe your from California. you lucky girl.xxx
  6. Joining U2 Fan Club is the best thing ive done in a long time. xx

  7. Thank you for following me i just joined 2 days ago .xx
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