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  1. After 4 months we returned to church today for in-house services for Easter Sunday which is also the anniversary of MLK's death.
  2. I'm the Pastor of a small church in St Albans Uk and I also manage a community Food Bank. The Food Bank is hosted by my church and since we began the x4 local churches have been the main suppliers for donations to the food bank. March 2020 and all churches stopped physical service, moved online but the repercussions were that the food bank donations had no obvious source. It was a real concern. Every week during this pandemic I have had at least 3-4 offers of donations to the food bank from people I do not know in the community. People have been donating bags of shoppi
  3. The Perfecto Mix of EBTTRT is great but it wasn't the mix used at Glastonbury or on the 360 tour. It was the 'Fish out of Water' remix which was found on the AB Deluxe edition of B Sides and Bonus Tracks. This version was also used on the I & E tour. There is a great Perfecto remix of Mysterious Ways as well. I also like Staring in the Sun (Brothers in Rhythm Ambient Mix) from Artificial Horizon and the Hollywood Remix of Desire.
  4. For those who are interested the set list to the show is here.... https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/u2/2018/apollo-theater-new-york-ny-63ea9683.html
  5. Over the years U2 have played x10 songs from AB. The only song not played live is "so cruel". For this reason I think AB has been represented enough and would want the Band to finish the next new album rather than do a novelty tour.
  6. I’ll do this is release order. 1. Boy 2. October 3. War 4. Unforgettable fire 5. Joshua tree 6. Rattle and hum 7. Achtung baby 8. Zooropa 9. Pop 10. all you can’t leave behind 11. how to dismantle 12. no line on the horizon 13. songs of innocence 14. songs of experience answers 1. achtung baby 2.. New Year’s Day & miracle of joey ramone 3. Two of my favourite u2 albums 4. Joshua tree, zooropa and achtung baby 5. neither 6. hawk moon & fez/being born 7. didn’t li
  7. So true. I reckon this will be a release for RSD in November. I'd also like to see a release for The Hands that Built America.
  8. Looks good and I wonder if 'A Celebration' will get similar treatment?
  9. Have looked at the original post concerning the 2020 subscribers gift but can't see where this promise of a February date. Can you post the link of this? Thanks
  10. I don’t get it. are they not releasing the concert for a wider release? if they do what will make the subscribers limited edition different to the wider release?
  11. Handel’sMessiah at the a Royal Albert Hall😎
  12. Who’s gonna ride your wild horses. Remembering how good it was on the last tour.
  13. I could be wrong but the Crystal Ballroom was on the set list for at least one show butI am not sure Lucifer’s Hands was.
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