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  1. The Excalibur is pretty cheap right now and it’s one of the closests to the venue
  2. Since The Blackout cane out I actually really liked that song and I thought it would make a pretty good song for them to open the shows with, but now after hearing American soul that would also make a good opening song. Or maybe American Soul followed by The Blackout for the first 2 songs. What’s everyones thoughts?
  3. With TJT tour over how soon until we get the new tour announced also I’ve been wondering if it will still be called innocence and experience tour and the stage and everything be the same or if it will have a different name with a completely new stage . Would you rather it be an evening with U2 or they have an opener. Also hoping they will announce a date in Salt Lake City which is where I live.
  4. Going to LA3 and 4 anyone else!!

  5. how many are going to the LA show on May 30th?

  6. looking at flights gotta get booked for my trip to LA ieTour

  7. got my tickets for the ietour!!

  8. geez i relly cant wait any longer please release the new album!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mich40


      Are you going to wait forever?

    3. pain_18_


      Can you do anything but wait..in this New album context ?????

    4. Malahide


      Only patience can save us.

  9. I like the New Song Invisible I do

  10. my very first U2 show i saw them in Salt Lake city i waited along time for this!
  11. when is the new album gonna be out!

    1. carvajfcutah


      ha i just wanna go see them again!

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