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  1. The Excalibur is pretty cheap right now and it’s one of the closests to the venue
  2. Since The Blackout cane out I actually really liked that song and I thought it would make a pretty good song for them to open the shows with, but now after hearing American soul that would also make a good opening song. Or maybe American Soul followed by The Blackout for the first 2 songs. What’s everyones thoughts?
  3. With TJT tour over how soon until we get the new tour announced also I’ve been wondering if it will still be called innocence and experience tour and the stage and everything be the same or if it will have a different name with a completely new stage . Would you rather it be an evening with U2 or they have an opener. Also hoping they will announce a date in Salt Lake City which is where I live.
  4. The spot to be at is the Tree stage we got 2nd row there and it was awesome never have I seen them that close and they performed there quite a bit
  5. I had the same issue I just called Ticketmaster and told them what happened and they said I could use my old card but I had thrown it out. So I told them my new card and they transferred the tickets over took all about 20 minutes
  6. That's awesome I was born in 1992 and went to my first show in 2011 but I have GA for LA on May 20th my first time as GA so really excited for it
  7. Anyone know how the line for GA will work I would love to get a part of railing and will be driving from Salt Lake City on Friday so excited it's less than a month away
  8. Ran across this on Facebook from a U2 fan page and wanted to confirm so checked out the company that posted the pic and it seems legit seems like it's gonna be a really Huge stage I think I can make out the cat walk type thing.
  9. Same here gonna be at La show on May 20 first time as GA see you there!
  10. This is great to see how U2 can have fans of all ages not just a bunch of older folks as most of my friends think and I'm sure a lot of people do think that.
  11. This is what being a fan is about!Not how many years you've been a fan. Not whether or not you were a magazine subscriber. Not how many shows you've been to. Not whether you've met the band or not. All of that stuff is just the window dressing. If U2 is your favourite band, then you are a fan. Simple. There are no diehard fans, real fans, true fans, casual fans, or so-called fans. Just fans. Love it man
  12. So saw this in another forum and thought I'd ask it here. I'm a rookie when it comes to shows been a u2 forever but only have seen them live 3 times and in may will be my fourth. So here goes First time May 24 2011 SLC 360 tour 2-May 30 2015 LA ie 3-May 31 2015 LA ie And my fourth will be this may 20 at the rose bowl!
  13. Hey y'all my friend decided to come last second so looking for an extra GA for LA1 if anyone has one let me know please
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