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  1. So glad I got to see the full band version of Stay on the Experience + Innocence tour.
  2. Was it only the night before that Adam missed the show and his bass tech stood in for him?
  3. I still think the Popmart stage looked far more better than the ZooTv stage just not as good a show as Zootv
  4. Disapointed to see no Summer Of Love, Red Flag Day or The Showman, these all deserve to be in the setlist. Although nice to see Staring At The Sun back again ? and especially Acrobat!
  5. They should do a Beatles and go out with a swan song that was Abbey Road or The Doors LA Woman album a perfect end to there careers. My first thought was perhaps teaming up with Eno and Lanois again to create there best album since The Joshua Tree but can they really make it work together again after what happened with No Line On The Horizon?
  6. Just making sure that when the presale tickets go online tomorrow it's 10:00am GMT? right?
  7. Hi guys How do I get a petition started that will hopefully reach any member of the band (Hopefully, Edge) management, tour personel, etc.. and ask the band to perform Wire from The Unforgettable Fire album again as it's not been played for a very long time. Come to think of it, Acrobat would be a good choice also as this has never been played live before. Any suggestions?
  8. If there was one song (ok maybe two, or three) that you are most looking forward to hearing, perhaps for the first time on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017, what would it be? I'm especially looking forward to hearing Exit for the first time as well as Red Hill Mining Town as well as some tasters off Songs of Experience ;-)
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