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  1. It’s always the bass player .... (making it look easy!) Excellent taste in everything, creativity, politeness, passion, setting a high bar for the rest of us. Happy Birthday Adam! Have a magical day and a year full of joy.
  2. Brilliant show! Looks like the talented entrepreneur Jordon Hewson in clips. She is awesome x Our love for this planet will win. To be sure (that’s Aussie for we love you too)
  3. Living in a safe and close community is wealth beyond measure. Sending our love!
  4. Bringing down walls. The first time I saw U2 live was blown away and still one of the best sounds I’ve ever heard live. Thank you to the guys that streamed for all of us!
  5. the fb live video didn't work in my browser Others on mixlr commented same
  6. U2 are great live. The love of the creator courses through U2 decades on. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. You massively rock for celebrating all women.
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