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  1. spongebob

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    It's all rumour just now but I believe there's talk of some sort of stadium tour in Australia in 2019. Might be a continent too far for me but if i could finance it love to go and see New Zealand and Australia, with a U2 concert in between, what a holiday that would be!
  2. spongebob

    U2 Experience + Innocence Tour POLL

    Love is Bigger always moves me for some reason, like the modern day One in my book.
  3. spongebob

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I have mostly just listened in and watched the comments on here, I dont say too much. Just enjoyed being around like minded folk. Thanks for that and thanks to the boys for once again amazing us all, going to miss this ?
  4. spongebob

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Bit smokey in here , sniff
  5. spongebob

    Dublin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    And then there were three ?
  6. spongebob

    Dublin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Well done to the guys that periscoped that came from San Francisco, great job!
  7. spongebob

    Red Zone - Dublin 6th Nov-18

    This is the contact I got for Manchester, not sure if she will still be the coordinator though as I text her on Monday and she never replied.
  8. Nice! In Manchester we ended up in a similar position, not quite as good, a few people back but still close enough, The camera thing sometimes blocked a bit of the view though.
  9. Wow thats early! What spot did you get for your dedication? Was it front rail next to the GA in the corner? That's where I was going to aim for but didn't get in till about 7 ?
  10. spongebob

    Belfast Live Thread #U2eiTour

    As long as your ready for the crush ?
  11. spongebob

    Belfast Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Is your face pressed up against the glass ?
  12. spongebob

    Red Zone

    Hi Aitch Reading that makes me sad, you don't seem to have had much luck recently with U2 concerts, If i had been through all the disappointments you have had I would have gave up by now, but you are obviously wanting that great show with your favourite band experience one more time so more power to you! I'm not that sure how you could go about getting tickets, we were able to get two tickets from a tout at the venue in Manchester for only £100, not the best way to go about things but we were desperate by then and so was the tout, cause they were worth £100+ each face value! You could try signing up on here, not signed up myself but this looks like a good way to get a ticket without getting ripped off! Failing that sometimes nearer the date of gigs there are ticket drops? You would have to keep your ear to the ground, and it would all be a bit of a last minute, not ideal when you have flights etc to book. Would you be looking for seating or maybe GA and try for a rail spot somewhere? We got thrown out before we even got into the Manchester gig, I describe our experience in this thread, a combination of bad luck that you couldn't make up! Our actual experience when we got into the RZ was okay i suppose, still got a decent view near the front. But the hassle we had , the lack of understanding from anyone official involved and the extra cost sticks in my throat, next time it's going to be GA for me, get there early find a rail to lean on with some views. All the best in your search for a ticket you deserve a bit of good luck! Keep us informed , and fingers crossed you get that brilliant gig experience one more time.
  13. spongebob

    Red Zone

    Oh my god, so sorry to hear this, puts my RZ moans to shame! I'm so sorry to hear your so unwell! It must really hurt to think your getting this last occasion that's going to be special and then you are let down. My hassles were getting thrown out before we even got in! , but once we were in, we were near the front and side rail and got a decent view of the main stage, sounds like you were further back, and with security issues etc your experience was ruined , which is a terrible shame. We were able to throw money at our problem and use a bit of cunning to partly solve our issue but I feel so sorry for you, it must be such a disappointment! I really feel for you cause you pay good money, partly knowing it's going to charity but you also expect that feeling of maybe being treated that little bit special and it must be a kick in the teeth to feel so let down. We have done RZ for the I&E and JT tours and kind of knew where to stand etc but also knew we would miss most of the action on the B stage unless we were willing to move about, that was going to be the plan but we didn't in the end, we were worried we would lose our prime place near the rail. The RZ isn't really in that great a place to be honest, but it still felt roomy in my concert (Manchester1) (the JT tour had it in a better position)Think going by the way we were treated this time though I wont be bothering again. All i can say is I really hope you get another chance to see U2 and you get all that you want and deserve the next time .
  14. Your complaining about a show on the 24th that hasn't happened yet? Well Marty McFly I just watched it again, and sorry i don't understand what scared him?....... It's just as well he didn't see MacPhisto!