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  1. So there is hope. I got a new tracking number 10 days ago that has no usps shipping info yet. And I’ve als been wait 18 months. We shall see. I’ve been through this exact scenario once already with what supposedly was a lost shipment.
  2. I should have stated it THIS way. "I don't know if moderators work for the same organization as where the emails come from but IF THEY DO the comments to the thread are of little content or consolation. They should be digging in to what the he** is going on with these gift members were promised 18 MONTHS AGO, instead of waiting on something to comment on."
  3. They're on to the next way to make a buck. When I get 5-6 emails a week telling me to go to the U2 Shop to buy the new tour crap, that's a good indicator they have moved on and don't care if we get what we paid for. If they can make the new tour merch, there's no reason they can't make our stuff in less than 5-12 months. I don't know if moderators work for the same organization as where the emails come from but the comments to the thread are of little content or consolation. They should be digging in to what the he** is going on with these gift members were promised 18 MONTHS AGO, instead of waiting on something to comment on. The replies I get from the "Team" are clearly meant to put you off and say they are responding to concerns but they don't address my question(s) AT ALL. I love how they are "happy help with my questions" yet never answer a single one. My order has been "awaiting package from shipper" status with USPS since February!! When I brought that up in an email to them, they just said a re-order was sent and the order number was blahblah blah. Well, the thing is, I was told it would be sent in the order received so does that mean mine is now in the back of the line since they are so incompetent that the order was never given to USPS?? And, to top that, the order number blahblah blah is not even a good number in the order system when I try to check its status. I told them in the email about this and as you can see below, there is no page in their answer book for that question, much like MANY questions I have sent. I only receive this same copy/paste reply. Whoever is running the show is CLEARLY out of their depth. And I don't know what if any connection the band has to this site, but if I were them, I would be pissed off!. But, they likely have no idea what is being done in their name. They're busy selling the new tour.... Hello ....., Thanks for contacting us, my name is Orlando and I’ll be happy to help with your questions today! I'm sorry to hear that you have not received your reshipped gift order number ....... Regretfully, all U2 Fan Club Membership gifts are currently in production at this time. We'll have all membership gifts shipped out as soon as we have them in our warehouse. Once again my sincere apologies for the delivery delay and inconvenience this issue has caused you. If you need anything else, just reply to this email. I hope you have a great day! Sincerely, Orlando Team
  4. It really is sad that the band has (presumably) no control over their own fan club and getting the long time members what they should be getting. I will not ever renew mine. The 2016 gift was just about as bad but I fell for it again with the long awaited Joshua Tree tour. Never again. I sent an email last week asking about the progress only to get a canned response that was the same as every other response. My first contact with was a phone call that sounded like they actually cared about my concern with a promise to pass it on to LiveNation only to get no response from either one for months. I finally called back only to never get an actual person and emails are completely useless. I would say if, like me, you haven't received one yet, we will never see it. Meanwhile, those who do are listing them on ebay. Honestly I have not even listened to the bands new songs and not sure I plan to. This is clearly an issue they, along with those who run this site, Fanfire and LiveNation, could care less about. If they did we'd be getting updates on what's wrong. I just don't get that this particular set of albums is taking this long when SO much other current tour merch is being shoved in our face weekly with emails. Sad indeed....
  5. I stopped worrying about it. "In a Little While", "ONE" day in "40" years when "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" it will show up in my post box. That will be "The First Time" I believe it. But for now, I'm gonna consider it "Gone". Yep, for now, I'm at my "Moment of Surrender". They have my money and I have no recourse to complain but I'm sure they will "Sleep Like a Baby Tonight". My 2017 Gift order seems to have pulled a "Disappearing Act". Sure I can listen to the CD or the MP3 files but they will never be "Even Better Than The Real Thing". Who knows, I could be wrong and it may just show up this "October"....that would be a "Beautiful Day". I honestly go from mad to patient and "Some Days are Better Than Others". So to the Band, Live Nation or whoever is in charge of this whole mess, you have my email and "This is Where You Can Reach Me Now". Thanks... Regards, Headache in a Suitcase
  6. Would be nice, but we are all but forgotten. The cash has been spent on more stuff to sell, that gets released practically every day. If you haven't gotten it yet, I have not, it's likely we'll never see it. I won't buy another damn thing from this band.
  7. Good luck! I've beat that effing horse....
  8. Funny that I just received and email from stating NEW Vinyl Coming Soon! Interesting how they managed to get the sh!t they SELL in production, but the sh!t that's already paid for, mine going on a year and a half now, is somehow mysteriously having problems. I for one am not holding my breath I will EVER get anything for what I piad. And no recourse either. It has however really soured my experience with a band I have followed for 30+ years now. It's too bad they can't step up and do something. They're U2 for god's sake! They seem to make ANYTHING happen! It's total horse sh!t!
  9. How did you contact Live Nation? Mine has said waiting on USPS to pick up for almost two months. I think its it’s time I rattle a cage somewhere.
  10. got a tracking number on my account shipped Feb 8, waiting to be picked up by shipper, "but I still haven't found, records on my stoop"
  11. Wow holy crap! I never would have EVER figured that out. No idea there'd be info for an order there. Thanks! Looks like it shipped 2/8/18. Would have been nice to have a email stating where you could find that info, but glad it finally shipped. Communication has been nonexistent in my experience. Thanks again for the tip!
  12. I have yet to get any correspondence from them, period!
  13. Where on your account did you see that it shipped on a certain day? I think it's great you got yours but, honestly it's totally unacceptable that I paid and ordered this in December 2016 and still have nothing. This is bordering on deceptive practices.