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  1. Tickets are available at ticketmaster for both shows!! Popping up all night..
  2. lindalb

    Going to Amsterdam?

    Yessss 3 field tickets!!! It was very hard getting them, but i kept trying and see......
  3. lindalb

    Going to Amsterdam?

    Yess you are a big Hero!! Now i know what to do tomorow:-D Thanks!
  4. lindalb

    Going to Amsterdam?

    According the ticket prices, i think the stage is at the north side of the stadion..
  5. lindalb

    Going to Amsterdam?

    I think at the 360 tour the entrance was also at the south side, even for the red zone (maybe i am wrong about this)... Omg what a mess this is.... I think i am taking both layouts with me. The prices of the tickets will tell me wich layout is the right one ;-D
  6. lindalb

    Going to Amsterdam?

    First i have to succeed tomorrow ;-)
  7. lindalb

    Going to Amsterdam?

    Thank you so moch Marije. When i look at this layout, i go for 119 of 108 if i can't get floor tickets....
  8. lindalb

    Going to Amsterdam?

    Than i looked at the layout of the Byoncé concert, wich i think the stage/floor area look pretty the same...
  9. lindalb

    U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - Europe Tour Venue Maps

    Thank you so much erikjthomson. My thoughts were also that the stage will be located at the north side (i am sorry if my english is not so good ;-)) looking at the previous tours.... I think it looks a bit like the following picture;
  10. lindalb

    U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - Europe Tour Venue Maps

    Or did i look over it?