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  1. we are able to flag up names / order numbers to shop help team to investigate outstanding issues, ongoing labour of love... hopefully helps get results.
  2. an do keep us updated, thx
  3. Not that we have heard to date
  4. sorry to hear of your issues, can you post or PM your order number? thanks
  5. ICYMI, another episode went up here : https://www.u2.com/news/title/an-xtra-special-christmas-xtracts/ how we enjoying that content so far?
  6. sorry to hear of yours and others issues recently on shop orders - just checking you sent notes (more than once?) up through the Contact Us form on the Help page? Also, if still outstanding, can you post (or PM) your order number (no other details required as yet), i.e. U2T#XXXX so we can try to escalate from our end, thanks Monica.
  7. just announced, with more details to be added : https://www.u2.com/news/title/for-one-night-only-subscriber-offer/
  8. you never know who might be reading - feel free to post any specific questions here
  9. Not to everyone's budget I agree, but some lucky soul will end up winning this
  10. check out the Stamp giveaway just announced : https://www.u2.com/news/title/time-stamp/
  11. less than an hour left to watch (or watch again...) : https://elevationwatchparty.u2.com loving the Adam & Edge fan q&a most...
  12. Grace finds beauty in ugly things. (paraphrase)
  13. no need to be signed in to watch the stream, and the https://elevationwatchparty.u2.com/ page is a seperate, one-off log in to join the chat only there for today
  14. am told it should start automatically without needing to refresh that page
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