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  1. looks like non-US Customer Service might be effected at the moment, hence the message using Help form - we will try to get an update going forward as soon as possible
  2. https://www.u2.com/news/title/all-that-you-cant-leave-behind-turns-20/
  3. updated article : https://www.u2.com/news/title/on-limited-edition-12-blue-vinyl/
  4. as i understand it, its all down to what source material is / was available at the time, will add into mix that question...
  5. for those asking, just got a note from the tech team (i will be sure to send back any comments on the tech aspect of things, they will appreciate I am sure It’s never been released at this quality.. 1080HD with 5.1 Dolby Digital Made especially for this event.
  6. bigwave

    Got Your Back.

    From the album: Bono @60

    A man who helped give me a voice

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  7. Remembering a special day, on the great man's special day, wishing you a fantastic birthday with all the family #AdamClayton60 #brotherlylove x
  8. you don't watch netfix? (other streaming services are available) And have heard other options are being looked into for subscribers to be able to watch on their smart tv device. Seems to be the direction of travel for hi-def content, kind of away from physical formats (I like both for different reasons).
  9. to those asking re: show times today, we have heard doors are 4pm but that may have changed to 4.30 and band onstage at 7.30pm - but I guess that may be subject to local logistics... some of which will be unknown until encountered for first time today in these parts...
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