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  1. 32328 lovely day because it rained and had a lovely lunch.. and spending time with family...
  2. photograph by ed sheeran the whole song mainly the lyrics not so much the music.. and my daughter likes his music.. we cruise around to his music..
  3. bono seemed like he was in pain tonight with his arm i hope that his arm did not affect his performance because people were saying in another forum he sounded terrible i thought he just sounded tired i take his sore arm and tired voice any day Jesus christ who would decline,,i doubt anybody im sorry i missed yesterdays show anyway tonights was okay goodnight peoples..
  4. 32315 hello counters enjoy the lovely day you will have once the sun shines on you again... just hopping off the net now to read my bible then have a beer and listen to the radio and hope for real good true happy tunes to my moods..laugh and live in joy and love..
  5. the show sound was really good last night best i heard in a long time must have been where doris was sitting anyway good show
  6. 32264 hello cris hope your well..I'm just sitting in the guest room on the iPad whilst the kids watch the bachelor I'm not interested in the show so I'm thinking of having a glass of wine with my daughters boyfriend and I'm listening to the radio
  7. 32254 well have a good night sleep everybody im going back to bed so see you all in the afternoon you should know me by now...
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